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The KeyFinder Pro software is a simple program to read program keys.



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KeyFinder Pro

With Keyfinder Pro you can find lost key of your most important programs. Both the keys of Windows operating systems as also of the Office package you reads easily and can reinstall so the programs.

Most of the operating systems and Office programs can be installed only with a matching key. Is this code once lost, it can be read off simply with Keyfinder Pro. The prerequisite for this is a program already installed. The Keyfinder Pro tool then searches in the registry file for your operating system and provides the key for you again. Depending on requirements, you can then print out the keys, copy, or store.

The Keyfinder Pro worth especially if the complete PC should be reinstalled, for example, after a hard drive format. For the correct installation of the operating system and the Office package, it is important to have the serial numbers of the programs. The program is very small with less than one megabyte, and takes away not so much space. Even if the software in English is held, you can simply understand operation. With one click, the lost keys are listed you.

The small program Keyfinder Pro is designed to retrieve lost serial numbers of major programs. These include the program keys that are stored in the registry of Windows. The most common Windows operating systems are supported by the software, so it runs on most systems. Free freeware it is easy to download available for everyone. The program is designed as a portable tool and can be stored on any USB flash drive. Therefore it reads even program keys on other PCs.

Description of the version: KeyFinder Pro

The latest version of Keyfinder Pro is a simple program to read from the main Programmdschlüssel. You can find the serial number of your Windows operating systems and Office suites. The found keys are automatically listed. In addition, you can save the code, copy, or print out. For this, each is a separate button available. Is the software free freeware designed and can be transported portable on any USB flash drive to any PC.

The most important functions in Keyfinder Pro 2.2.6

• Learn the program keys for your most important programs
• List all keys automatically
• Save, print, or copy the code
• Transport the software on a USB stick

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