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No periods more missed thanks to the Keycontract Home Edition, which reminds you in a timely manner.



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KeyContract Home Edition

Probably you have ever experienced the situation. A contract should be terminated because it is otherwise extended, but unfortunately you forgot to remember the exact date. And already the date is over and your cell phone contract extended 24 months. While you've completed even a new contract and pay now twice. Latest in such a situation you should ask yourself why you have not used the Keycontract-Home Edition. Because the software is the solution for the problem. With the Keycontract-Home Edition, you can monitor all your contracts and the period of notice.

Providing the data is relatively simple in that the Keycontract Home Edition works with a kind of cards box system. You can simply place an index card with the contract data and the deadlines for each contract and the Keycontract Home Edition manages appointment for you. While you may have with show you the cost of the respective treaties, so that you also have an overview with the Keycontract Home Edition over your monthly expenses for the contracts. A view similar to a file Explorer can you anytime a all your contracts you in the Keycontract Home Edition structured overview and provide important data.

And that works of course not only for the mobile phone contract, but for any kind of contract. You have to enter only the contract data in the Keycontract Home Edition and everything else takes over the system for you. So you can have your lease, the magazines-subscription and any other contract. Once the notice period approaches, the Keycontract Home Edition reminds you of the possible termination. Decide and do need you can however always even, because so far the termination and should not decide the system. But you can be sure, that you miss no more periods. Assuming, of course, you have entered everything completely.

Keycontract-Home-Edition features:

• Monitoring of notice periods
• simple data input
• Management of index card system
• Memory function
• requires Windows XP
• 14 Days trial version

The Keycontract-Home Edition

The Keycontract-Home Edition of the Casotec GmbH was created as product from real life. It happened once before each, that he forgot a period, and also the developers knew the problem. So, they have created the solution with the Keycontract Home Edition helps everyone.

Description of the version: KeyContract Home Edition

The current version of the KeyContract Home Edition has a feature that you will not want to miss in the future. Because in addition to the improved management of all types of contracts, the program reminds you also of notice periods for these contracts. No matter whether mobile phone contract or insurance, with the entering of the contract data through the simple and intuitive interface you all contracts, dates and deadlines even better in the handle.

Features of the current version 2.5 of the KeyContract Home Edition

• Management of all types of contracts
• Monitoring of contract periods and deadlines
• Memory of termination dates
• Organization in a filing cabinet system
• Simple and intuitive interface and data entry

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