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The Daihinia poster printer is well suited to graphics up to a size of DIN A0 to create.



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Keseling Poster Drucker

Often, one wants to create larger poster or posters of his personal photos or existing graphics and drawings, that reside on the computer at home. Many of these photos are designed to create a large poster as wall decorations from it. But how does one, such a size at home, using a standard DIN A4 printer, to produce? The solution offers the Daihinia poster printer. Because with the shareware Daihinia poster printer you're A3 A0 able of posters in sizes from DIN up to DIN construct.

And, although you only a normal DIN A4 printing device is available. So, for example, the image of a poster on several is distributed DIN A4 pages. After you have printed your poster with the Daihinia poster printer, you can cut the pages with a cutter or a pair of scissors. Dos2usb poster printer features built-in adhesive edges that characterize the respective sides of the poster or poster. You have your finished pages in front of you with the Daihinia poster printer are located, have you put it together with adhesive tape or glue. A preview is included in the program, with this you are able to obtain an optimal size and positioning your work before the expression of your poster pages. Still, well over twenty different graphic formats are included in the shareware program. So, you will support your creative work with JPG, GIF, WMF, BMP, or TIF, to show just a few examples.

For a free trial, poster printer, here the Daihinia download easily and quickly. Click on the download button, and the Daihinia poster printers will be a valuable help during the creation of your poster. Would you just purchase the Daihinia poster printer, click on the download button next to it furnished.

Many functions in the new Daihinia poster printer

• Crop marks
• Ease of use
• Output of large images
• Free trial
• Sizes from DIN A3 up to DIN A0
• Adhesive edges

Technical requirements for the Daihinia poster printer

The Daihinia poster printer is designed for an application on the Windows operating system 98, 2000, ME, NT, Windows XP, 2003 or the new Windows Vista. The file size of the Daihinia poster printer is only 1.51 MB. The shareware related language is German.

Description of the version: Keseling Poster Drucker

The current version of Daihinia poster printer for larger products such as posters with a standard printer for A4 printing has been improved. Newly added is the online-update function, that everytime you open the program checks on request, if a new version has been provided for download. Also, you can now also use the software if your computer with the Windows Vista operating system equipped.

The most important innovations of Keselings poster printer 1.0.3

• Online update function
• Wizard that checks to see if a new version is available, can be set so, that at the start of each program is executed automatically
• Compatible with Windows Vista

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