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K-chess elite is suitable for beginners as well as advanced chess players.



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KChess Elite

No matter, whether you play it chess or even want to learn it, K-chess elite will delight you. You can play the game either against the computer or a friend, and using the many features of the K-chess elite. For beginners, there is the possibility to support themselves through game tips, and through the integrated data bank, you can learn everything about chess playing and the terms with the program. If you made an opening, K-chess elite can tell you how it is, because the program has a connection to the "Encyclopaedia of chess openings".

As a more advanced player, you will appreciate especially the information about the current game that exposes you to K-chess elite. You can enumerate the previously proposed chess pieces you have, can give you tips and show you the possible moves of your figures. Right next to the playing field you will find up-to-date information about the distribution of the playing field and what better position Grandmaster here. You can do unlimited undo all trains here, so that you can try out different moves and the reaction of your opponent's it with K-chess elite. Also you can show you the game so far and then realize what you possibly could have done differently. Thus, you can continuously improve your game with K-chess elite both advanced players and learn.

Your own skill level you can K-chess set elite in 33 different shades or use one of the three predefined levels. All games can be applied in different time limits for the individual trains or the entire game, and the players and the Board are in a different way. Try K-chess elite just themselves and let yourself convince of the functions. You can download the game over here on our side function the download and instantly play your first game with K-chess elite.

Features of K-chess elite:

• Chess program
• for 1 or 2 players
• ideal for beginners learning mode
• comprehensive background on the game
• Shareware
• for Windows Windows 9 x/ME/NT/2000/XP

Background information on K-chess elite

The program is a development of the Australian company of Ark angels. In addition to the chess program of K-chess elite, the company provides the software in a different version with slightly limited features. Other programmes support the playful nature of the applications and are designed by the licensing for use in schools.

Description of the version: KChess Elite

KChess elite in the new version of many additional features are offered, which will make the simulation of the game of chess on your computer significantly more interesting. This version of KChess elite now contains translations of the user interface, documents, and voices in over 20 different languages. Include these languages in addition to German, English, French, Spanish and Italian also Polish, more Russian and Turkish, as well as many.

The main features of the new KChess elite

• Translations in over 20 different languages available
• Free availability of the program of KChess elite 4
• Other language versions will be prepared for future updates

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