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If you're committed to the leadership of a cash book, a cash book Excel is a good solution.



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Kassenbuch für Excel und OpenOffice

An Excel cash book in its function is easy to use. All needed formulas are already stored. The column headers can be individually. You can change so completely the cash book to your personal needs. While you can choose freely the number of columns and the column size in your Excel cash book, as well as their names.

Working with the cash book Excel is easy. You enter each document with the current date in the worksheet. Depending on whether a deposit or withdrawal, you select the appropriate currency column in Excel Fund guide. Your Excel cash book in addition has the opportunity, to have the sales tax, you must be the gross amount in the appropriately named column of course. A previously integrated calculation formula in your Excel cash book independently determines the amount and the sales tax.

What formulas in the columns in your Excel cash book are stored, you can find by clicking the appropriate cell. All formulas in this cash book work according to mathematical principles, in which multiplication and Division are performed before addition and subtraction and all operations, which are shown in brackets, have always take precedence. Thus, the formulas in the Excel cash book are easy and logically comprehensible. You need no great knowledge of the program, to use the Excel budget book. A cash book, that was created with Excel, facilitates the simple document entry in any case and with the netting function you can see the current cash on hand immediately. Excel as a spreadsheet program existed a long time and is well thought out and user friendly.

Individually set the Excel cash book:

• Specify the number of columns
• Make the column headings
Deposit • calculation formulas for inputs and outputs
• Balancing formula store
• As required, gross and net columns set up
• Formula for determining the sales tax setup

The development of Exdel with the function of Excel cash book

One acquainted with Excel as a spreadsheet program since 1985. It was originally a graphical calculation program developed. Since 1990, the program has toolbars and is thus usable for everyone. Even if you have no experience, you can accomplish many tasks with Excel. The Excel budget guide there in different variations for some years. It can be adapted to all needs.

Description of the version: Kassenbuch für Excel und OpenOffice

With the cash book for Excel and OpenOffice, not just better do you have your finances under control, but can also be sure that there are no problems with the IRS.

Each year divided into 12 individual rider, you enter your income and expenditure in chronological order in the cash book. The transfer of the final portfolio of the previous month automatically in the next month as well as the calculation of taxes according to the amount of the tax rates you entered.

Functions of the cash book for Excel and OpenOffice:

• Division into 12 individual tabs for each month
• automatic acceptance of the final portfolio in the next month
• Calculation of taxes to input of the tax rate

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