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Kaspersky Internet Security offers you everything you need for safe surfing on the Internet.



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Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 2014 offers all protection features of Kaspersky antivirus and also features innovative technologies that provide protection against sophisticated Internet threats.

The software Kaspersky Internet security is very user friendly and easy to use. If you're a security-conscious surfers, you should the section security + open the Kaspersky Internet security. Here opens a virtual keyboard, which you can use for online banking, for example. In this use the Kaspersky Internet security, possible Keylogger can not cut with your input. In the Kaspersky Internet security, you can find the function analysis of network packets. This function is visible if your passwords are transmitted unsecured. As well, you can come here on your computer to track down attacks. The DNS filter in the Kaspersky Internet security checks to see whether your computer receives the instructions from the DNS server, or whether a pharming attack has taken place.

The new mode for secure programs increased the security in the use of programs. If the secure payment mode is enabled, Kaspersky Internet security allows only the start from well known and trusted programs. This will ensure a safe execution of the programmes. The mode for secure programs is available from September 2013 after the update of Kaspersky Internet security.

New feature to protect against ransomware. You can unlock the screen by a certain key combination. The function to protect against Ransomware detects and neutralizes corresponding threats. Also features automatic control and the Elimination of Ransomware have been added.

The latest versions of popular Web browsers are supported: the protection components (such as E.g. the link scan module and secure payment transactions) now support the Web browser Mozilla FireFox (versions 16.x 17.x 18.x, 19.x, 20.x, 21.x, 22.x), Internet Explorer (versions 8, 9, 10) and Google chrome (version 22.x, 23.x 24.x, 25.x, 26.x, 27.x).

The Web filter in the Kaspersky Internet security blocks automatically unwanted websites. Therefore, you are not defenseless in malicious Web sites. Similarly, the anti-phising protection is in the Kaspersky Internet Security protects you. Application control feature, you can prevent that malicious software corrupt your computer. You can check the status of your protection with the desktop gadget in the Kaspersky Internet security.

To secure your system, you have various options in the Kaspersky Internet security. In the submenu, you will find investigation a function that searches for weaknesses. This weak points scanner searches your computer for attack vectors and outdated software. In the results list, see you then all the details and can directly fix the vulnerabilities. The rescue disk in Kaspersky Internet Security starts a wizard that will help you with the creation of this CD. The Kaspersky's server, you can download a new image on request. The bootable CD is then based on this image and you can boot your virus-infested computer completely safe and clean.

Functions of the software Kaspersky Internet Security

• Protection against all Internet threats
• Web filter
• Anti-phishing protection
• Virtual keyboard
• Application control
• Emergency CD

The manufacturer of the software Kaspersky Internet security information

Eugene Kaspersky, founded in 1997 in Moscow the company Kaspersky Lab. The German branch of the company Kaspersky is located in Ingolstadt, Germany. The team of virus experts developed innovative and reliable security solutions, especially for the protection against hackers, spam and viruses.

Description of the version: Kaspersky Internet Security

-The functionality of secure payments has been improved: now it can be selected in which Web browser the pages to be opened by banks and payment systems. Also expanded the list of popular Web pages for money transactions, where the secure payment is automatically activated.

-The functionality of the parental control has been improved: the permission for the start of games and programs can now be adapted. Added predefined setting templates for the parental controls that correspond to the ages of the monitored users.

-Kaspersky Internet security settings have been simplified. Now, there are only still commonly used program settings available.

-Increased effectiveness of the component to protect against phishing: anti-phishing component functionality has been improved and updated.

-The protection components use the technique of Kaspersky ZetaShield, which enables an effective exploit detection.

-The performance of the programme has been increased and the consumption of computer resources is optimized.

-The application starts faster.

-The performance of the graphical user interface has been improved and reduced the response time for users.

-The presentation of the reports of the program has been improved. The reports are now simple and intuitively understandable.

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