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With card set, you will get you the nostalgic index card system in earlier years on the PC.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013


Card set includes an integrated database system that allows you to map the virtual index cards with card set created for each category and to save in one or more databases to further use. First, you need to create the categories you want on the surface of the card set. You can assign as many subcategories to every category in this program to make easier your index card system. In addition you can then later also more certain card looking map set. If you want to create individual flashcards, which can be attributed to any specific category, you can integrate them into the appropriate database also via the main menu of the card set.

When designing the individual index card map set offers different options. So, you can select a different font for each individual index cards or format the text in a customized manner. In addition to the search function after each tab, map set includes also the possibility to create individual statistics for you. While a certain fun factor in card set is, apart from the utility through the ease of use of the program because this program brings a little nostalgic mood on your own computer.

If you want to try card set, a trial version for free download is available on the Internet. The period is limited to 30 days. You will prompted automatically to a paid registration, shortly before the trial period has expired. Do you continue to use card set, you should accept the license agreement and buy the program. Then, you will receive the unlock code by E-Mail. To download the trial version on your computer, you simply click on the download button and follow the instructions on your screen. After you have installed the program, you can start with the creation of categories and subcategories, and soon have your own index card system on the computer.

The functions of card set

• Integrated data base systems
• Create unlimited number of categories
• Creation of categories possible
• Add single cards from the main menu
• Comfortable search function
• Possible national statistical

System requirements and download

Card set is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP and Windows Vista. A free trial with a download size of 10 megabytes is available on the Internet to download.

Description of the version: Karteset

With map set in version 2.1.1, you can save text data and files in index card format and sort. Many useful functions help you in the latest version of map set to keep the overview and to obtain the desired information from the index card quick tree paths. 2.1.1 Card set also provides an easy to use and intuitive interface, with which you can work quickly and effectively.

The most important innovations of card set in the version 2.1.1

• also compatible with Windows Vista
• Fixed errors and bugs of previous versions
several fonts have been added •
• new tools and controls simplify the search after the correct tab

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