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For Kart n' crazy competing against 15 opponents on 22 tracks, with which you can even chat.



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Kart n' Crazy

Kart n' crazy offers you a wealth of wacky characters, with which you can challenge other players to hilarious Kart race on 22 beautifully designed racetracks. Choose from 12 different karts, and take on up to 15 opponents on the Internet. The golden rule for Kart n' crazy: who slows down, loses! The better you drive, the more Nitros you get. With these Nitro in the luggage you can buy new characters or improved vehicles, to when the next round of Kart n' crazy correctly to score. A lightning start put down and drift through the corners, so your opponents see only your exhaust. Whether in the biscuit village, Toyland or deep in the woods of Peacock - colorful lines hold lots of challenges for you and your fellow players ready.

If you want to first practice - no problem! In the driving school mode of Kart n' crazy, you learn all tricks and tweaks regarding control and speed. Then you try your new knowledge best in ghost mode – here you go n all alone and without opponents, so you Kart you perfectly on the next ' crazy race can prepare. Get to know the treacherous curves and the great landscape, before it becomes serious.

For Kart n' crazy you can collect various power-ups to your kart to make faster and to shoot across the finish line as the winner. But beware: Scorpions, carnivorous plants, icebergs and tornadoes just waiting to get in the way and to make life difficult for you. Also the Turbo arrows are to enjoy - with caution you got Super speed, but you keep control over your kart? With the in Kart n' crazy integrated chat you can communicate with your team-mates - or they hear swearing, when they were hit by one of your rockets and fall back to several places. Hinder your opponents with Kart n' crazy with spiny turtle tanks and protect you even with a shield, so that no one can have what you.

Loading friends Kart n' crazy down there, these features waiting for you:

• 22 exciting racetracks
• Funny characters and karts
• Play with up to 15 other players
• Shoot missiles or leave your opponents other surprises
• Collect power-ups to jets across the finish line as winner
• Train the perfect technique in the driving - and ghost mode

Kart n' crazy - background and history

The Korean software company WindySoft has specialized in online games since time immemorial and in this sector since 2002 made a name for himself. 2007, the company introduced Kart n' crazy on the market. Critics and especially the online gamer community were immediately impressed by the witty Funracer, and the insider's tip quickly became a hit. Many players have even race videos from different video portals uploaded, to the rest of the world their best kart n' crazy moments to present.

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