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KaraokeKanta program is highly recommended for all karaoke and little singing stars.



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KaraokeKanta turns your PC into a karaoke machine. The download of the program gives you a recording function. This is of course ideal for you if you want to be a little singing star. You can track the improvement of your sang Arts using the recording function.

First, you must download the program KaraokeKanta. KaraokeKanta is installed on your computer, you start the program. It appears an overview that you can operate all functions of the program KaraokeKanta. At first startup, KaraokeKanta contains an English and a Spanish demo song. For more selection and of course for your favorite songs, you can download other songs, for example, on the manufacturer's website on the Internet. Copy the files of the songs in the directory of the program by KaraokeKanta. Directory of the program already has song folder, which are sorted by languages. You choose the song you want to sing. The text appears on the screen and the instrumental music through speakers. With KaraokeKanta, you record your voice via microphone. The features of the browser, you have the ability to control the pitch or the speed of the karaoke playback. The recording on the hard disk of your computer as a wave file is stored. KaraokeKanta plays the most popular instrumental, but also digital formats like MP3 and WMA.

The program KaraokeKanta has many useful features. For example, you can create playlists with KaraokeKanta very easy. This has the advantage of playing your favorite songs in the order you want. The built-in song search feature helps you to quickly find your favorite songs. You can mute channels or instruments and create your own version of the song. Digital effects, and the support of drag &-drop function are more important features of the program.

Features of the program

• Recording function
• Creation of playlists
• Digital function
Mute instruments •
• Drag and drop
• Song search

System requirements for downloading

A huge advantage is that the program KaraokeKanta requires space on your computer. Exactly, there are 1.2 MB. It works on base of operating programmes for Win95, Win98, Win98SE, Win98ME, Win200, NT and XP. The version KaraokeKanta 4.1 is available as a free download. This does work 15 times.

Description of the version: KaraokeKanta

The latest version of KaraokeKanta promises a great music experience. With KaraokeKanta, a new TV-display available, which you can use to celebrate Karaokepartys's. The songs are playable in a better quality than before and receptible. In addition, the digital formats MP3 and WMA are supported. There is still a large selection of songs on the manufacturer's website, and you can create your custom playlist with helpful tools.

Sing karaoke for at home and at parties

• compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7
• Using the keyboard in fullscreen possible
• File size: 2.7 MB
• At the start are two versions of the song for the entry available.

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