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KaraFun karaoke fans offers the opportunity to indulge their hobby at home.



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With KaraFun, you can practice karaoke on the home PC. Included in the download package also an editor which lets you create karaoke versions of your favorite songs, as well as a recording is to improve your singing skills.

KaraFun karaoke fun on their home PC makes it possible: no matter whether you want to - fooling around with friends or exercise for your grand entrance in a karaoke bar if you have the appropriate software on your own PC, you can practice as often, as you want. KaraFun makes your PC training room and karaoke bar at the same time. So, you may have to boozy evenings even awake are the memory when you're alone at home. With regular exercise will improve your singing skills too, and you're full of confidence at the next karaoke party. The songs of your favorite stars are to your own.

You can buy the appropriate karaoke titles in trade or order online. Also play to the download can be found on the Internet. Because it is not make copies of the original song, but MIDI files with added text, you can legally download and use. If this takes you too long, if you find your favourite titles not in the trade, or if you want to saves you the costs, you can fall back on the KaraFun editor function: it allows you to create karaoke versions of the songs that you already own. You need only the song as a sound file and the song lyrics. If you find them on the Internet for downloading, you can paste it directly; the other way is to touch him at the hearing itself. So you can build a library of your favorite songs as karaoke songs. It grows along with your repertoire of songs.

KaraFun also has a recording function; so you can listen to your own voice, and improve your Karaoke skills.

Description of the version: KaraFun

KaraFun 1.18 runs on Windows 98 up to Vista. The program leads in German language by the installation, such as the menu. The version 1.18 is available since 2007 for download. All features - karaoke, editor and recording function - are included in the compact 4.8 MByte download. So you can get started soon! Because only three Demo songs are included in the scope of delivery, you will first probably just throw the editor, and make karaoke versions of your favorite songs. Then, the fun of singing to go!

KaraFun 1.18: Sing karaoke on your PC

• Schnwnload: Neller Dour 4.8 MB
• Editor mode: Create karaoke versions of your favorite songs!
• Mode: Listen your voice to perfect your singing skills!
• Free download

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