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KaLoMa lets you control your eating habits and determine the calories of the food.



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The summer is coming and it is time to free the hips from the winter fat. If you did, decided when looking in the mirror to lose a few pounds, then you have an optimal tool KaLoMa. With this program you can make quickly and easily calculate the calories of your meals.

In KaLoMa, no food and calorie tables are available. This you have to from the manufacturer's website download and unzip the files into the appropriate folders. This sounds more complicated everything, as it is. After the installation, you can then start to log your food. A distinction is made between breakfast, lunch and dinner. The appropriate meal is selected by you on the calculation date button. The corresponding food will be entered for a single meal. This is quite simple. Enter the term in the search window and a list will be displayed. In this, you click on the appropriate name and enter the amount. This is important, because KaLoMa posed generally by 100 g. Below the list of foods KaLoMa shows you different amounts. For one, it is the calories for the meal and the other to the total for the day. If you want to log your weight and body fat, you need to enter the values in the boxes above the food table. Various features you can look at then the development of the individual values.

You won't find food, which are calories and that during a diet be dispensed with should, in the table. If you still have consumed these products, then simply add this. For this, you will find the button Add. About this, you can then collect the name, nutrition, fat value and more important data. After confirming the input, you will find the new food at the end of the table by KaLoMa.

Another advantage, the KaLoMa offers you is that a calculator is integrated, with which you can calculate your BMI. To enable this, you call the "BMI calculator" shortcut menu under the menu item "Extras". For the calculation, it is only required that you enter your height and weight in the appropriate fields.

Description of the version: KaLoMa

The program KaLoMa is an ideal companion when you want to lose weight. In this version, you can simply log your diet. The food tables are easy to manage and if necessary they can complement each other. In the menu extra, you may have to periodically to calculate your BMI. Your results are graphically represented also desired. Also, one advantage is that you can export the data in any other application. Weight loss begins in the head. With the use of the program, you are on the best way to reduce weight.

Important information about the calorie Manager

• Log function on the nutrition
• Calculation of the BMI
• lack of food can be supplemented with the values
• graphical evaluation of the data
• Export to other applications possible

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