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The software calendars 5 by Daniel Manger is very clear and easy to use.



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Calendars 5 has an intuitive and is very easy to use. If you hold the mouse pointer over a particular button, you will be shown a small yellow note box. This box, you will explains the function of the buttons, as well as a keyboard shortcut. Calendars 5 offers you also a detailed manual. In the calendars of 5 day view is displayed continuously. You can navigate for example by scrolling with the mouse wheel or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Entering dates in the calendars of 5 is very easy. Top right the date fields are displayed. Just press ENTER, type in the date, go back to enter and your appointment is already registered. Although no special input fields for times exist in the calendars of 5, they are recognized but still when you wear them in the appointment. Enter a date, for example as follows: 14:00 dentist. Calendars 5 taken into account this time also when the alarm clock function. In addition to the alarm clock function, you can use also the egg timer. You can deposit your appointments with the colors red, green, blue and yellow. If you want to enter more active dates, you need to mark the relevant days with the mouse. You can enter annual dates in the calendar list. Calendars 5 offers you even the opportunity to enter recurring appointments. At any time, you can add notes or even diary entries. Holidays and public holidays are automatically entered in the calendar after selection of the Federal State. You need meet only on settings to go and your choice.

If you want 5 as your desktop wallpaper calendars can be set up. Calendars 5 at each restart can be started automatically on request. You can export your appointments at any time in the file formats CSV, ICS and VCS. Calendars 5 also includes a print feature. Bottom right is also a to-do list available in the registered you important work, you still have to do.

Features of 5 calendars

• Registration dates, annual appointments, recurring appointments
• To-do list
• Alarm function
• Egg timer
• Export the appointments
• Print function

Background information

You can download 5 calendars for free from the Internet. The software was developed by Daniel Manger.

Description of the version: Kalenderchen

In the new version of the calendars the data transfer from the 4th was improved version. Also the display area has been enlarged and now have 20 years of space. On request you can now show you your recurring appointments, which all are sorted automatically. Also you can show you also the phases of the Moon in the calendar in this version. Many new and interesting features stand out in this version available.

New and interesting features in the version 5

• Enlargement of the display range (up to 20 years)
• Show the phases of the Moon in the calendar
• New font types and colors
• Optimization of printer functions
• Duplicate appointments

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