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  • Windows 1.5.4

K-Meleon is a lean Web browser that is based on the tried and tested Mozilla technology.



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K-Meleon can work so much faster because it contains only the most important functions of a Web browser. Thus, the page structure with K-Meleon is accelerated. K-Meleon of less system resources required by the small download size. Still you can take over of course easily other Web browser bookmarks in K-Meleon. Blocking of pop-ups is a standard feature that provides you with K-Meleon also - just like in the major browsers -.

The absolute advantage of K-Meleon is that this lean and fast browser based on the original Windows interface. This is especially noticeable, for you if your system is otherwise rather slow. That this browser consumes little resources, your surfing speed will increase positive. K-Meleon offers different skins that you can use to customize the surface according to your wishes and ideas. You can affect the menu and operation with even programmed macros. K however,-Meleon has an own macro language, which you yourself have to adjust. Since the browser is based on Mozilla, the program supports of course all Mozilla plug-in the. You may choose the language, a German version of K-Meleon is integrated since version 1.0. Other useful features are the built-in RSS reader and the operation by mouse gestures.

If you want to install K-Meleon Web browser on your computer, you should now click the button "Download". You follow all the instructions that appear on your screen, and already after a few minutes with your new browser on the Internet. Because the file download size is just 5.8 megabytes, the install procedure is quickly completed. The program is available as freeware for free download.

Structure and function of K-Meleon

• Is based on the Mozilla Gecko machine
• From version 1.0 is a German language version available
• Takes another great browser bookmarks
• Has a built-in RSS feed
• Provides skins for individual surface design
• Allows free programming of macros for the operation and control

The development

The first version of K-Meleon was published in August 2000. It was an attempt to integrate the Gecko test engine in Windows. The developer community is very small. It began, that only one person tried the programming of this Web browser in their spare time. For this reason the development progress lasted quite long and errors that appeared in the Gecko engine, eliminated not so fast as it would have been necessary. A sophisticated Web browser is now available with version 1.0 and in a forum, also the German user questions are answered comprehensively.

Description of the version: K-Meleon

The last version of K-Meleon comes with some improvements to the Alternativbrowser to Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. First of all it improved the compatibility with Windows 7 and Vista. Also, Internet security is enhanced, what's always helpful when surfing and downloading files. Here's K-Meleon retains its slenderness to the 6 MB, which makes possible its speed.

It has to offer the new K-Meleon 1.5.4:

• increased safety
• improved compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7
• available in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Polish
• sleek design for fast surfing
• blocks on demand advertising pop-ups

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