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The K-Lite Codec Pack Basic provides you with carefully tested codecs and DirectShow filters.



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  • Updated: 20.09.2013

K-Lite Codec Pack Basic

This is K-Lite Codec Pack basic but no wild collection of codecs and DirectShow filters, but all ingredients are carefully selected and tested to full function. Codecs are in principle not incompatible to each other. Only if the programming is not clean, two codecs can get problems with each other. When the selection for the K-Lite Codec Pack Basic is sure that such problems do not occur. And the constant maintenance and updating you can be sure, to get Pack basic with the K-Lite Codec not only working, but mainly the latest codecs.

In addition to the codecs still the DirectShow filters are very important. By definition, this no codecs are, as they can not encode, decode only. K Lite Codec Pack Basic includes the latest DirectShow filters for viewing videos on the Web and local here, too. Unlike codecs that are mainly used in the audio field, DirectShow are paramount when playing videos in the usage and need therefore also unable to encode. The use of K-Lite Codec Pack Basic is thereby kept deliberately simple, so that even beginners in this theme without any problems to come. K Lite Codec Pack basic works in seamlessly with all popular players available on the market.

During the installation of K-Lite Codec Pack Basic you can select the components here, which you want to install. Thus, the program offers you a high degree of flexibility, and necessary, you can install only the a codec which is currently just missing you. When you install the K-Lite Codec Pack basic with the filter check already on your system of installed codecs and DirectShow and removes those that are known as problematic and lead to conflicts. After installation, your machine will run is expected to better and safer. But equal once yourself try it and you download the K-Lite Codec Pack basic here from our site. You can use our Web site the download. And don't worry, when uninstalling the program away without leaving a trace, but an uninstall process won't be necessary anyway.

Features of K-Lite Codec Pack basic:

• Collection of codecs and DirectShow filters
• continuous update
• Selection of codecs during installation
• ease of use for beginners suitable
• free freeware
• for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003, Windows 7

Background information on the K-Lite Codec Pack basic

The Pack is an offer by Codecguide and is offered as freeware in different sizes. Codecs K-Lite Codec Pack Basic includes also DirectShow filters for playback of audio and video formats.

Description of the version: K-Lite Codec Pack Basic

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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