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The JW player allows a fast integration of videos in your website.



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JW Player

The free JW player can play videos on the computer as well as on iPod, iPhone & co.

If you design your own website, then you come up on some tricky issues: How do you integrate Flash games, fun animations, or even videos? The JW player can really help now in the latter - and much more!

If you want to place videos on your site or generally to the Internet, you should use the best the free video tool JW player, because thus you can use many other useful features. The JW player distinguishes itself compared to similar tools as a result, that he supports both HTML 5 and Flash video. In addition, you can so easily play so the devices, which are particularly stubborn Flash applications on your iPhone or iPad, videos. The JW player is extremely easy to use and has a more or less self-explanatory user interface. You don't know, you can use the extensive and easy guide, what is found in the program folder. In this manual you will find a description for the creation of play lists and how you can edit files in different levels of quality.

The JW player offers you not only the pure playback of videos of different formats that you can use in the in-house media players. You can customize the design of your JW player by slip over of various themes. Are also on the website of the publishers numerous plug-in the available for download which clearly lets you expand the functionality of the JW player. For example, one offers this plug-in the integration with Facebook, which is just one of the many ways. Use the elegant way when you independently and according to their own ideas on the net want to load videos by you simply download the JW player friends and to work out!

Description of the version: JW Player

The JW player in version 5.6 offers some advantages and innovations that you had to miss the older versions of the convenient video tools. Overall, more formats are supported in the latest version and improves the upload function through a restructuring of the software. The interface and functionality has been redesigned, in addition errors and bugs of the previous version have been removed as far as possible. The new JW player now also running Windows 7 and the latest versions of the operating system.

The most important innovations of the JW player in version 5.6

• Now also runs on Windows 7
• Removed errors and bugs of previous versions
• Improved program structure
• New interface for simpler and more effective work

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