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JulitecCRM is an intuitive system for customer relationship management.



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If you have no customers, can make no sales and no money. The business world is so easy. And also the julitecCRM is similarly easy, because operation is designed on an intuitive ease of use. Because experience has shown that the best software is useless if it is not used. And one of the biggest obstacles is a complex operation. Fortunately, that is not the case at the julitecCRM so that you can get started immediately. The Basic module includes also a billing and project management, so that you have all the tools for a successful CRM with julitecCRM's hand.

Entering data in julitecCRM is it easy and in fact speaks for itself. You can create a new contact company, male or female person or family. Here, you enter first one or more search terms, under which the new contact in julitecCRM is to be found. You can then select whether the Office address, address or a different kind of address such as, for example, a pure billing address for entering the address. A tree structure as in the Windows Explorer you can enter then in julitecCRM more information about how to contact such as the or the contact industry categories, projects, and events. All inputs are supported by wizards such as calendar and time impressions.

Out of the same mask, you can write a letter to the contact then directly, send a fax or an email and even an SMS. Of course, the necessary data for the email server and the SMS gateway must be available in julitecCRM. Form letters you can within the system also create and send directly to the way you want. And when a CTI connection always appropriate to the caller information on the screen will julitecCRM you. Best you try it just once and you are downloading the julitecCRM from our page about the download button.

Features of julitecCRM:

• Software for customer relationship management
• Intuitive operation
• Flexibly adaptable
• including billing and project management
• Free to use
• For Windows 2000 or Windows XP

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JulitecCRM is a development of the julitec GmbH from Erlangen. Due to the proximity to the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg, also visited the two founders of the company, moving the company in a dynamic development environment. Software solutions that simply depict complex processes and make it applicable to the users are the target of the developments.

Description of the version: julitecCRM

julitecCRM is a program for customer relationship management (CRM - customer relationship management), which captivates through its ease of use and allows you to get started without training. You can manage your customers as companies with the contacts and gain an overview of all activities at any time, no matter where your employees, these were made and registered. So are you and your staff updated on the ongoing progress with individual customers.

Features of the current version of julitecCRM

• Customer relationship management software
• Central management of all important information to customers
• Interfaces to other divisions
• Common calendar and task management with resubmission
• Contact history

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