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The new software provides security in your children's rooms. Do you sometimes wonder if you put enough care in the care of your children? With the latest software, you're on the right side. You can choose between four different age release levels and adjust the safety always the age of your children. The software gives you the opportunity to prevent that your children are exposed to violent and pornographic content.

On this page, you can easily and quickly download the latest software and install it on your computer with a single click. software settings are to be made by every laymen in a few minutes. Take a little time and protect your children from things that they should not see. Your child grows up happier and treasuring the new software. You can on the one hand to determine the content that get your children to face and determine also the duration of surf, so that your child spend not hours before the computer.

With the new software, you can keep track. Each setting is protected with a separate password, and your child can change anything without your knowledge. Modern parental controls are for the children of today no problem, but with the new software, any unauthorized access will be denied. You're not always time to be, if your children on the Internet are on the road? Then the new software fitting your needs and those of your children, and you can always worry. In the future, your child can enjoy the delights of Internet surfing, without that you don't have to fear.

The new software at a glance:

• 4 different age ratings
• separate parent and children pages
• Filtering software and filter list
• Setting up shared domains
• automatic check of the accessed pages
• Limitations on the duration of the surf

System requirements for the latest software

You need for the new software should be the operating system Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista and a processor from the Intel Pentium II. your computer via an Internet connection and a network connection to the Internet. In addition, the TCP/IP Protocol on your computer must be installed.

Description of the version: Software

The software protects your children from adult content when they surf the Internet. It consists of a filtering software and a filter list, on which stand many domains of Web pages. These were previously tested and sorted according to age-appropriate content. You can specify the age of your children in the software – this is then compared with the age on the list if a page is called. It is not suitable for the age of the page will be blocked.

The main advantages of

• Free of charge and free of advertising
• No registration required
• Blocking of erotic, violent or offensive material
• Parents can share any page or block

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