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JPhotoTagger is a free software for managing your digital photos easy.

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You certainly know that – repeatedly happen en masse new photos to your own files. But if you're looking for a particular photo, there is almost nowhere to be found, and you waste much time in searching. Download JPhotoTagger, the reliable administrator, therefore.

The free software JPhotoTagger in German or English from the Internet you can bring finally right in your extensive digital photo collection. JPhotoTagger take much work to manage the images off you and you will be surprised, what makes this freeware, that is, for example, for the operating systems win XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS and Mac OS X.

The virus-tested software JPhotoTagger uses the so-called metadata that you have set for your photo shoots such as focal length and resolution. These information are then stored in a separate database as XMP sidecar files. According to these data, the tool sorted then. Therefore let you not by the extent of the tools put off, because it's really all just a matter of settling. The interface is divided into three parts. You specify the keywords, E.g. for places, name of photographer, times or detailed descriptions, after which your photos are then automatically assigned. And if you're looking for specific photos, you will find again quickly by keyword.

Author of the software is Elmar Baum and for JPhotoTagger, there is a practical user manual of the manufacturer. Online you can read the overwhelmingly positive assessment on the basis of numerous testimonials. You can follow the individual steps by "Photo Gallery" on the Internet and will find that this software is not complicated at all. You can manage your image files without large expenditure of time, because you need take only a little time to download.

Description of the version: JPhotoTagger

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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