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JPG-illuminator is a small program for image editing for beginners and professionals.



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The JPG-illuminator is a useful software for amateur photographers. Light errors and color correcting you and take better pictures from snapshots. The program is easy to use especially for beginners.

With the JPG-Illuminator, vacation photos and other snapshots get a different value. You most easily light to dark photos and you correctly set the color values using the software. The program contains some additional filters that can compete with professional photo-editing programs. The application is designed for beginners, you do the most important settings on a click. In addition to the lighting effects you set also correctly the contrasts and set the size of the images with the JPG-illuminator according to your wishes.

Additional features in the JPG-illuminator allows for the optimization of your images. For example, you can smooth out the photos sharpen and straighten. Thus, the pictures make a better impression. The application can be seen in the small program at the first glance and you need no long training phase. An additional advantage of the software is the mobility. Without installation you can copy the program on any USB flash drive and you can take it with you anywhere and open it on any PC.

Freeware JPG-illuminator was developed to optimize holiday photos and snapshots in a simple way and to make nice for the Viewer. User can handle the program without background knowledge in graphic design. Many steps are done automatically by the software, so you do not care much for the optimization of the images. Because many images are stored in portable, also the program is mobile and can be applied to any device.

Description of the version: JPG-Illuminator

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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