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José the perfect chess trainer is chess, to prepare you for the game of Kings.



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José Chess

When do I appropriate my castling? How can I attract the opponent in a double chess case? When it makes sense to sacrifice a figure? All questions, ask yourself a budding chess players during his playing career more than once. Chess is a blend of art, science and magic. 64 Fields, which gives you an infinite number of ways. Jose chess will show you how you can exploit these opportunities you.

With the computer opponents you can do endless chess games, jose chess play. The difficulty can be adjusted on your rising levels of the game. Each train can again take back - if you got to go. So you learn from your mistakes and can customize your strategy new at your opponent. Jose chess gives you the possibility to save your games. So you can understand your progress from the absolute beginner to the new chess champion ever. Any of your combination you can with jose chess comment and hold your tactics for posterity. So you build with jose chess you on your own chess textbook.

Jose chess has a built-in memory with many trains of known chess games. Learn the best opening moves of the great chess players when jose chess. Many moves can always replay and understand. Thus, you can improve your game. Based on your saved games, analyze your mistakes, and compare with the trains of the pros. Develop the best tactic to lure your opponent quickly in the chess Matt with jose chess.

Facts about jose chess

• Graphical chess game
• 2D and 3D view
• Save game features and comment
• Play through famous plays
• Evaluate stored trains
• Modes of play

Chess is a game of Kings. With jose chess you build up you your Kingdom. A game of chess will never get bored by the endless possibilities of combination. But who just plays, will meet hardly benefit, to turn the game from a hopeless situation. Once you know the different phases of the game of Kings, you can dominate your opponent correctly. Through the many functions in jose chess you will prepare the Supreme discipline. In the free game with computer opponent, playing to large chess games or analyzing your saved games. Jose chess United as freeware version all the above mentioned features and maybe makes you the next chess Grandmaster.

Description of the version: José Chess

Do you like to play chess? Then José Chess is a must for you. In the current version, you have a better access to the database, and improved search capabilities for individual parts. As a graphical front end for the database, you can play chess games in 2D or 3D mode and save the new version. Later, you can download these games again and continue, or new play from any point.

Features of the current version 1.4.4 of José Chess

• Chess program with even richer database
• Front end allows chess games in 2D or 3D mode
• Games can be saved and loaded
• All games can edit and annotate

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