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José is an intelligent chess Simulator for beginners, advanced and professionals.



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For the Windows PC, there are many chess simulations. However, only few of them represent a real challenge for advanced players. The free chess games Jose is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Jose is a free chess game for computers with Windows operating system. The game was published in 2006, but still copes with all versions of Windows. Only the latest version of Java runtime must be installed to get the game running. Jose is both single - and multiplayer capable. You can play so either against the computer or against a friend or a friend on the same screen. You play against the computer, you can choose between various levels of difficulty. With each higher level of difficulty, the computer is always intelligent and a victory more difficult.

The graphics of the game is simple, but still respectable. You can choose between a 2D and a 3D view. The 3D view takes of course more system resources, such as CPU and memory, but also for detailed. Current computer but get by without any problems. Especially if you have a slower PC, the 2D view is more likely.

José evaluates each game of chess. In the statistics, you can see your won and lost games, needed stratagems for victory, lost figures per game, the number of played games and much more. So do you have a comprehensive statistics of your chess game arts and see exactly where your weaknesses are, and what aspects of your game must be improved. In addition, you can export these statistics in PGN (portable game notation) format and share them with friends, family, acquaintances and other like-minded, and compare.

Description of the version: Jose

The current version 1.4.4 of José brings some significant improvements with it. So, for example, the database engine has been changed from MySQL 4.0 to version 5.0. In addition there is Jose 1.4.4 now also as a Web application. It is not more coercion way necessary to install on the hard disk. Jose can be used with different chess engines. It decides on the moves of the computer and can be changed at any time. Two of the included engines, Spike and Toga, were now merged to combine the advantages of both.

Improvements of the new version 1.4.4

• New database engine: changing from MySQL 4.0 to version 5.0
• Merging the two chess engines Spike and Toga
• New version is available as a Web application
• Minor bug fixes

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