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Johnny Castaway is a screen saver that offers fun and relaxation during breaks.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

Johnny Castaway

Screensavers are a fine thing. Finally they provide but mostly a great fun factor, if they run across the monitor. Johnny Castaway is an another fun savers on the market. To observe the activities of the stranded have been original and are sure to make laugh you.

The purpose of the schooner for the screen was originally that while of inactivity the statue in the CRT monitors burning up. That could never happen in the current models. Today these savers are still widely used and on almost all computer workstations. Two main reasons are to use. For one, he offers you a great entertainment value and on the other hand, it protects your computer against access by unauthorised persons. The screensaver on your computer is enabled, if over a period of time, no data entry is done. The time you set alone. You turn off the screensaver in which you move the mouse or click on a button. To make sure you have also the possibility to disable it via a password.

There are the savers in different variants. You sure know many, these small films. Johnny Castaway is a sailor, it has ended up on a deserted island. You'll be amazed how a castaway pass the time as can be. You can watch this Johnny Castaway, as he tries to catch fish or how he builds sand castles. Numerous small events, such as, for example, the visit of mermaids, provide variety in everyday humdrum. The respective holidays, he experienced on the island, you will be pointed out visually also. At the end of the year the Palm for example with a banner is decorated, where you "happy new year" can read. However, Johnny is waiting as you probably already know in vain to his rescue. This is sad for him, but for you benefit. Finally you can watch so, as long as you want it.

In Johnny Castaway, you will experience multiple small stories that guaranteed to strain your funny bone. If you want to just go turn off, then get the screensaver on your computer. The adventures of the little sailors will fascinate you.

Description of the version: Johnny Castaway

The version 2.1 of the Johnny Castaway screen saver lets you participate in the adventures of a shipwrecked sailor. In a nice way, the various activities of the Matrosens become projects. They give you an insight, as he sells himself as the time. You'll love the little stories in this version. A little surprise is integrated in each, that makes you laugh. If you install the screensaver, you can find it under properties in the "Screen saver" tab. This is but "screen in logistics".

System requirements and information about version 2.1:

• Screen saver as freeware
• Is author Dave Brown
• Operating system Win98, 2000, me, XP
• Space 1,3 MByte
• Language: German
• It means file screen on logistics in the register

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