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JLC's Internet TV

JLC's Internet TV offers 1,400 TV stations via the Internet to choose from. World everyone can download this program from JLC's Internet TV as - here on our Web pages. About JLC's Internet TV, you can watch TV channels from around the world. Many other television providers, which are however subject to a charge, can be loaded on the computer. JLC's Internet TV you can see more free movies, reports, sporting events, music programs, and much. In the many existing channels also is something safe for you.

Who wants to download JLC's Internet TV, should ensure that the appropriate operating conditions are met or they themselves create. For the presentation of JLC's Internet TV, you can use the media player. Of course, Internet access must be available. The different bandwidths of Internet users can affect the transmission quality. Here, a broadband Internet connection is necessary. With freeware, you're so a wide variety of channels. After you have downloaded the program from JLC's Internet TV, you need to click only a button JLC's Internet TV automatically searches the channels. The program of JLC's Internet TV is listed.

In the great variety of programs need or rather you can pick out your Favorites you. Whether transmitter now English and in other languages. It is about JLC's Internet TV. The respective favorite channels can be stored so that it can be used on it again and again. There is also an Internet TV newspaper, which shows also the programs of JLC's Internet TV.

• free TV
• Ease of use
• Automatic station search
• Assemble channel Favorites
• Live stream
• Filter adjustment possible

What all does the TV

Background information

The television age began in 1888 with a telescope. A disc with spirally arranged holes could images with light and dark signals and put back together. This principle was further developed in the course of many years. The first electronic transmission of images was demonstrated in 1927 for the first time in a laboratory. After that, more years in the country went until the end of 1930 for the first time the electronic delivery of images managed Ardenne on the cathode tube. A new era began in 1969 with the Internet. Initially invented for the Department of Defense, it can use any of today. So also JLC's Internet TV. The selection of channels was very low after the invention of the television. This increased to over the years to several hundred channels.

Description of the version: JLC's Internet TV

JLC's Internet TV in the current version offers you the option to use the VLC's ActiveX plug-in, to be able to play all streams. About another new option, you can open NSV streams with Winamp. For new TV channels, integrated, you can almost act as a beta tester and make proposals to improve. Another important innovation concerns the possibility for the visually impaired, to confirm the channel selection via the Enter-button.

New features in the current version of JLC's Internet TV 1.1.0

• VLC's ActiveX plug-in, to play all streams
• To open NSV streams with Winamp
• Is user beta tester for new TV channel

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