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JkDefrag GUI analyzes, defragments and optimizes your internal and external hard drives.



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JkDefrag GUI

The tool JkDefrag GUI allows you to defragment your hard drives. Through this process, the access speed can be increased, which is manifested by reduced charging times.

JkDefrag GUI you can bring your hard disk on front man, because after prolonged use can cause a growing fragmentation of the disk. This means that actually contiguous data blocks of the system at various points of the harddisk are stored, - resulting in an increased access time in other words: the hard drive is slower and takes longer to load your programs.

JkDefrag GUI offers a solution: the program defragmented your internal and external hard drives button. To the tool first performs an analysis to determine the degree of fragmentation. Then JkDefrag GUI adds together then the data blocks, which also include - the result is a reduced access time on the files. The really special thing about JkDefrag GUI, however, is that you can temporally controlling the orders. To do this, you specify just certain times to which the tool will operate, to check your hard drive and, if necessary, to start the defragmentation process.

JkDefrag GUI graphical interface can be operated immediately by newcomers. The individual functions are divided on different tab, you click on with a mouse click. You can set in the field "General" what the program should do and how you want to be informed about the result. Then you have to select only the drive and the speed, and you're ready to go. As an experienced user you can make additional settings, for example, to exclude certain files from the Disk Defragmenter.

Description of the version: JkDefrag GUI

The current version 1.15 of JkDefrag GUI now supports MUI (multilingual user interface), Norwegian was also added as additional translation. Fixed a slight problem with Windows Live Mail. To be on the latest and be able to reliably defragment your hard drives in the future, you should download this updated version of the program. Among the operating systems Windows 2000, Vista, XP and Windows 7 are supported.

JkDefrag GUI offers the following features in the current 1.15 version

• Support for MUI (multilingual user interface)
• Norwegian added as new translation
• No email more problems with Windows Live Mail
• Works on Windows 2000

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