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If you often files from Rapidshare and co. load is jDownloader take down a lot of work.



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  • Updated: 17.09.2013


You can use jDownloader to download files from one-click hosters.

One-click hosters like RapidShare is very popular when it comes to make larger files accessible to a wide audience. Loading of many smaller parts of the program but quickly degenerates into work - jDownloader does all this work for you.

The small tool written in Java, jDownloader downloads packages from all popular one-click hosters like Rapidshare, netload, uploads or Megaupload. Most of these services allow only files with a certain maximum size, requiring larger files the file into many smaller files must be dismembered. But not really exciting task is all individually to download these small fragments. If you don't feel like it, you can download often Alternatively a container file. This container will open jDownloader and gathers together the files is noted. As container formats are of the jDownloader RapidShare Downloader format - RSDF, Cryptload container format - supports CCF and download link container - DLC.

To be removed even more work, can the program unzip the downloaded files also automatically, upon request, the program cracks even simple passwords examples password stored in a list. jDownloader supports all major download services, extra user IDs can be in an extensive list and store passwords for the services. The tool then even indicates your respective download volume this service still is how big and how long the account is still paid.

You are using a paid account at a hosting company, you can download most of the time only a file and have to wait then right until the next file may be loaded. Remedy creates a reconnect the Internet connection, because you will get also a new IP assigned. jDownloader can restart automatically the router after you download of a file, you need to tell the router model, only the jDownloader and which is already after downloading a file Internet connection cut off and then started again - with a new IP and new download possibility. Annoying Capchas tried jDownloader way automatically to solve.

Description of the version: jDownloader

The current version has been upgraded mainly visually. The surface looks tidier and nicer, also the developers have eliminated some bugs. Integration with the popular browsers was however also greatly improved, and we added some new hosters like MangaStream or ARD library. The most integrated hosting were provided with updates. The integrated Decrypter by jDownloader was supplied with many updates to help you work more efficiently.

jDownloader changelog from version 0.9581

• Bug fixes in dealing with RapidShare flv
• Optical user interface improvements
• Significantly improved integration into the major browsers
• Added new Filehosters
Filehosters • existing have been provided with updates
• Decrypter has been provided with updates

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