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JC NET meter control your data transfer on the Internet and creating protocols.



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JC Net Meter

JC NET meter is a so-called traffic counter, so a traffic counter for your PC. Similar to the speedometer on your car, this program measures the current amount of transferred data and the speed with which this volume has been moved. You can't let JC NET dir to display meters in a small window while you're on the Internet, the specific up - or download speed. This data transfer is displayed not only in numbers, but also by using a colored elaborate graphics. JC NET is meters, the program also called WWW - speedometer, logs all data sent over your Internet connection and received.

With JC NET, you have the opportunity to show you the data transfer daily, weekly or monthly meter. Also, you can represent this data in a graphical view with a bar graph meters with JC NET. Controlled by JC NET meter you specify, whether data transfer should be recorded in kilobytes or kilobits. This small program is especially interesting if you as regular surfers often on the Internet are and want to have control over your traffic.

JC NET is available free meter on the Internet for downloading. All you have to do is on the button "Download" click. Then you just follow the instructions that appear on your screen. If JC NET meter is successfully installed on your PC, you can set via the function "Predefined", what should look like the Protocol, which is to make JC NET meter for you. Here you have the possibility to determine the representation of protocols created JC NET yards from the data obtained, even. You can choose between data and graphics, and select colors for borders and fills for the graphical bar chart. It makes sense to choose different colors for up - and download so that you recognize these differences also at first glance. Under the menu item "Options" you can display tool tips friends. Here you can enter the all essential data, to your Internet connection.

Features of JC NET meter

• The program measures the volume of uploads and downloads on the Internet.
• The current volume is indicated in a small window.
• Are the settings for the protocols to customize.
• The representation takes place either in numbers or as a bar chart.
• The protocols can be evaluated daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.
• There are tool tips.

System requirements and download

JC NET designed meters for the Windows operating systems Windows 2000 and 2003, Windows NT, and Windows XP. There is also the presence of NET.framework 1.1 or later is required. The software is free of charge. The download file size is 173 kilobytes.

Description of the version: JC Net Meter

The JC NET you can measure with even better meter your traffic. In the latest version you can see just your speeds, such as by a speedometer in a car. In a small window you can see at any time, load how many kilobytes or kilobits per second via your Internet connection. With a statistic, you can check later what time was your line as heavily utilised.

The main features of JC NET meter 1.1.1907

• Display in either kilobytes or kilobits per second
• Current display in separate window
• Tages-, weekly and monthly statistics
• vivid graphics

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