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With the Jaws PDF Creator you can create PDF files quickly and easily via a printer.



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Jaws PDF Creator

PDF has become almost as immutable documents as the standard format on the market. With the Jaws PDF Creator you can create from almost any application a PDF. You can use the program both under Windows and Macintosh. Only restriction is currently platforms the Apple operating system on Intel, but if you have a Windows or an Apple Mac computer, you can use the Jaws PDF Creator. The handling is very easy, because the program installs itself as a printer driver. Instead of an actual printer uses the Jaws PDF Creator PDF format as the output format and simply prints a document. You can forgive free the name for the document in, that is to say, the PDF must have the same name as the document in the application that is created. This can be by the way every application, from which you can print. Thus, files with the Jaws PDF Creator are set no limits the creation of PDF.

Within the Microsoft Office suite installed the Jaws PDF Creator with icons in the tool bar and allows you to create intelligent PDF files. This intelligent means that document structures remain intact. Thus, hyperlinks can be activated directly from one with the Jaws PDF Creator of created intelligent PDF. You can use this document to invoke external references as well as to navigate through the PDF.

Another feature of Jaws PDF Creator is the encryption of PDF files. Because PDF is very often used unchangeable to send sensitive information, you can encode your documents with a 128-bit key with the Jaws PDF Creator. And with the preset configurations, you have the correct output for a high-resolution printing, a printing for a desktop automatically environment or for publication on Web pages in the Internet. Jaws PDF Creator leaves nothing to be desired.

Jaws PDF Creator features:

• Create PDF files from many applications
• PDF generation with only 1 click
• Hyperlinks and other structures are preserved
• Available in 5 languages
• 32-Bit Windows XP, Vista and 2003 server, Windows 64-bit x 64 and Server 2003 x 64
• Apple OS on Mac, not Intel

Background information on Jaws PDF Creator

The Jaws PDF Creator is part of the product portfolio from global graphics software Ltd. around the topic of electronic documents and intelligent printing. The company is a global player and has a presence on three continents with its own branches. The products are used by many companies solutions as OEM in own products.

Description of the version: Jaws PDF Creator

The Jaws PDF Creator 5.0 brings many new features and improvements. Both Windows Vista 86 and Citrix are x 4.0 and 5.0 now supports, in addition you can create PDF 1.5 compliant files. With the advanced macros for Microsoft Office, you can cut your documents, provided with watermark, and even convert PowerPoint slides. With the new tool bar buttons you create with one click PDF or send it as an E-Mail attachment.

Jaws PDF Creator 5.0 offers these new features

• Support for Windows Vista x 86 and Citrix 4.0/5.0
• Create PDF 1.5 compliant files
• Advanced macros for Microsoft Office 2007
• New toolbar buttons for better usability

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