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The Java SE Development Kit JDK is a comprehensive software package of its kind.



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Java SE Development Kit

With the Java SE Development Kit JDK you can write finally so quickly and easily your Java applications, as you need it. It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced programmer, applications for the Internet or a beginner who is just his first steps in Java programming. With the Java SE Development Kit JDK, you're always on the right side and will publish in no time your own Java programs. The Java SE Development Kit JDK will be happy to help you with its extensive range of functions.

Java is platform-independent and therefore you should let the Java SE Development Kit JDK also miss out. You make no more thoughts on which system, your software will run at the end. Simply start the Java SE Development Kit JDK and get up on your own software project, the rest takes the Java SE Development Kit JDK for you.

The Java SE Development Kit JDK does not limit you in your ways. You will receive also a compiler in addition to the Java runtime environment JRE for translating your programs and a viewer for the created Java applets. All functions are bundled in the Java SE Development Kit JDK, you need for programming in Java.

Other features of Java SE Development Kit JDK:

• Java archiver
• Signing JAR files
• Java applet viewer
• Java plug-in HTML converter
• Supports Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac
• Documentation tool javadoc

The development of Java SE Development Kit JDK

Java is one of the oldest programming languages when it comes to the development of programs for the Web. With the Java SE Development Kit JDK, it goes a step further in the development of applications and provides a suitable development environment for programmers for many years. The Java SE Development Kit JDK is a widely used kit of its kind and is highly valued in the community. In Java it involves one of the object-oriented programming languages. It was released in 1995 and looks back on the early days of the Internet so with its development history. It is not surprising, therefore, that the development has influenced the development of the Internet itself by Java. Many of today's Web applications would be inconceivable without the work of Sun Microsystems. Since 2010, Sun Microsystems is a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation, which offers many more products for the Web.

Description of the version: Java SE Development Kit

The current update of the Java SE Development Kit corrected a number of errors, affecting in particular the security of your system. So this update has about two new root certificates, as well as a number of other changes and updates. These were in part caused by previous updates or bug fixes so you should update in every case to the current version to keep your system stable.

Features of the current version of the Java SE Development Kit 6u22

• Implementation of 2 new root certificates
• Olson time zone data for 2010
• Changes in the designation of host names
• Bug fixes relating to safety and for various other categories

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