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The Java runtime environment spans the bridge between various programs and devices for you.



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Java Laufzeitumgebung

The Java runtime environment characterised by their efficiency, flexibility, mobility, and security and is used by more than 6.5 million software developers. The Java runtime environment is their use today in virtually all industries, as well as a variety of electronic equipment, computers or network environments. With security also you came today, already several times with applications and devices into contact, which had integrated the Java runtime environment.

Platform-independent use is made possible with the Java runtime environment from Java programs. Thus, you can perform all conceivable Java programs on almost all platforms. The entry in the Java programming language falls thanks to various Java tutorials, as well as comprehensive online help easier than you think, and looking this way behind the facade of the Java runtime environment. The Java runtime environment is constantly tested by an enthusiastic community, refined and further developed. It makes Java the most popular and most used programming language in the world.

About 4.5 billion devices computer, 2.1 billion mobile phones, 3.5 billion smart cards as well as various printers, games, laptops, consoles, and more use the Java runtime environment, including 800 million now. Convince yourself of the limitless possibilities of the usage of the Java runtime environment. Download them today directly from this page on the relevant download button on your computer.

Basic features of the Java runtime environment:

• Read and write files.
• When transporting data over the network.
• Input and output devices to control.
• Manage data.
• Sort data.
• Identify data.

The capabilities of the Java programming language and the Java runtime environment

Java based on almost any conceivable software can write and run this platform-independent. Special programs for Web browsers and Web services can be created as well as the development of server applications for online forums, stores, surveys, or HTML form processing. But also combining applications on the basis of the Java programming language, which then can be executed by the Java runtime environment, or writing powerful applications for mobile phones, remote processors, as well as for almost any device with a digital "heartbeat" is possible. The Java Runtime Environment connects the world.

Description of the version: Java Laufzeitumgebung

With the current update of the Java runtime environment a smooth experience with current operating system and browsers was secured for you. Through the continuous development of the software needed for a computer-based systems must be updated also. With the new Java runtime environment you have support for Windows 7 as also the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google chrome in the latest versions now.

Current features of the Java runtime environment 6 update 22

• Update the supported operating systems
• Supports now also Windows 7
Current versions of the Internet Exlorers, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome are supported •

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