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With JAP you can move anonymously and undetected in the Internet, without becoming aussspioniert.



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With JAP you surf the Internet anonymously and undetected. Your surfing habits and your inputs are understandable for anyone and can not be traced. Thus, your data is safe and a spying is no longer possible.

Many Internet surfers think of visiting Internet sites is private and is only on your own computer in the history to understand. But the fact is that the relevant server and your ISP get transmitted data, which provides information about your whereabouts, your IP address, your computer type, and other details. Other outsiders can access this data.

JAP is a free software that you can use to protect your private data. Your Internet behavior is no longer understandable with JAP. No one know which pages you move. Even the requested server and your ISP more have no overview over your pageviews. JAP also prevents spying your data that you enter on websites. More Internet users by JAP make use, Internet connections are so safe for all. All JAP users surf with the same address, therefore it is no longer possible to determine who had access on a specific Web page for outsiders. It is only known that a page was invoked. With this software selects your computer directly to the Web server a, but establishes an encrypted connection via several detours. The so-called mix proxies encrypt your traffic on each station even further.

Nobody, not even the operator of JAP, can trace your surfing behaviour after downloading the software. Move on the Internet anonymously without leaving any trace. You get immediately supplied when a JAP download the required Java component.

Description of the version: JAP

JAP is in the current version still in the development phase. It already offers a great protection, will be further improved in the future. Currently, then no protection is when an outsider controlling the first and last encryption. All other connections can enjoy maximum safety. Enter of your data and access to Web pages for eavesdroppers is no longer traceable with JAP. The software ensures your anonymity and is available in the version for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

The main feature of the current version of JAP

• Anonymous and unrecognized surfing in the Internet
• Increase data security
• Prevent involuntary disclosure of data
• Internet connections use encrypted
• Not transparent behavior on the Internet
• Required Java component get

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