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Jannieballs is a simple puzzle game for in between, where you must sort bullets.



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Free game of Jannieballs is your kick against any boredom. Let as many balls as possible on the screen disappear by you double click on adjacent, same-colored balls are doing. Already all the balls that are touching with the same color, burst away, and the rest slips down. Plane the arrangement of Jannieballs balls strategically, so that as many balls lie side by side and after double-clicking away burst. This gives many points with which you can crack your personal high score time and again. Pur, the bright colors bring good mood. You're game over if no balls of the same color touch. Be so smart and let a few like-colored balls in Jannieballs left, so that you do not need to stop, play Jannieballs. Since strategy is needed, if you want to achieve a high high score with Jannieballs!

Jannieballs can be installed quickly after downloading free and belongs to the games that never lose allure. The operation of Jannieballs is very easy. Top right, the points are counted in a box, and the player must decide just yet strategically wise when he clicks on the like-colored balls. One wrong click can quickly decide the overall gameplay, and Jannieballs is lost.

One-click Download of Jannieballs starts here. The installation is very easy, and you can immediately begin to play Jannieballs. Jannieballs requires no special system requirements and is playable on any computer with Windows.

The game at a glance

• Experience the exciting puzzle fun for in between
• Let balls burst and feg the screen blank
• Think strategically, so that as many balls at once vanish
• Free download the game and already has an end the boredom
• Due to the ease of use it is self explanatory
Jannieballs is compatible with any Windows operating system

Janniebals is the perfect fun for young and old

Puzzle games are popular addictive makers since the early days of computer games. You can not stop playing this strategic click games. Whenever dissolves a range balls, a new row appears directly, and so can you not anything else to click away as the balls again and again. The disappearance of the balls or blocks is connected with a good feeling, so that the player is distracted by the everyday life. Jannieballs is a game that is still timeless in a few years, and pulls the player again. They bring momentum in a boring Office routine and relax in the well deserved breaks or after work after work.

Description of the version: Jannieballs

The version 1.0.4 of the logic game of Jannieballs can come up with some improvements and new features. So small program weaknesses have been revised by the manufacturer so that the proper functioning and run by Jannieballs 1.0.4 is increased and secured. Comprehensive protection from viruses is guaranteed you in addition to an improved optics and a larger performance also. The enhanced features of the current version of contribute to greater enthusiasm and allow you an undisturbed combine clever moves.

The most important properties of Jannieballs 1.0.4

• new version of virus tested
• supports operating systems Win98/98SE/me/2000 and XP
• playful training strategy and combination capability
• Awakens the play instinct
• imaginative play background

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