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J. River Media Jukebox 14.0 is an all-round media player with many functions for music files.



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  • Updated: 24.10.2013

J. River Media Jukebox 14.0

With the j. River Media Jukebox 14.0 you get an all-round player. You can manage your music collection on multiple lists. In addition, you can easily convert audio files to other formats and burn.

The j. River Media Jukebox 14.0 is a media player with many useful features. Your music files are sorted into different lists and thus managed. On request, you can save a playlist and play your favorite music at once. With the ripping function in the MediaPlayer, you save off music from audio CDs on your computer. Also you can burn all any audio files to a CD, the program is thus also a burning software for music.

With the built-in converter you cycle music files in other formats, which require less storage space or to use only on certain devices. Also, the j. River Media Jukebox 14.0 offers a recording function, which you can use to record music via a microphone or sound card. In addition, the program offers you a Label Wizard, with which you can create covers for your CDs and print out. The extensive media player offers many other functions, for example, you can fill your MP3 player and upgrade the ID3 tags in your music files. Thus, the freeware surpasses many other players.

The 14.0 software j. River Media Jukebox is designed to unite all the important functions for music playback and editing. The program supports all major operating systems, so you can use it on any computers. With approximately 14 megabytes, the freeware is relatively small and takes away not much space. At the beginning of the software in English is set, in the settings, but also the German language version is included.

Description of the version: J. River Media Jukebox 14.0

In the latest version of J.River Media Jukebox 14.0, do you also connect your mobile phone with the software and sync your music files. In the software you can find also all known music services, which you can use to download music to your computer. With the built-in Equalizer playback set your so, as it is appropriate for the respective area. With the YADB database you will receive all important information about the songs that you play in the media player.

The most important functions in the j. River Media Jukebox 14.0

• Connect your phone with the software
• Download music tracks via built-in music stores
• Adjust the music with the built-in equalizer
• Learn everything important about the YADB database

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