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  • Windows 4.1.6

The archiving program IZArc can pack files, unzip, encrypt, and check for viruses.



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With IZArc you can unzip all common archive types and before virus check the files that it contains. Extracting archive of part of is possible, as is the creation of independently what files.

IZArc includes all of the features you would expect from a modern Pack program. You want to send, for example, several photos at once e-mail the archiving feature of IZArc comes to help: you can combine the photos into a single archive file with it and need to upload only a file as an attachment in your mail program – this saves much time. Similarly, if you want to upload files on a virtual hard disk or on the server of a file hoster - also here more is less often in regard to the number of files. IZArc can be used also for space-saving storing files on your internal or external hard disk.

Can also archive files that were packaged with other programs, IZArc can easily and quickly unzipped the program - supported including ZIP, ACE and RAR files. Before unpacking the contents of the archive is investigated fortunately still any viruses. The program supports drag -and-drop feature of Windows Explorer and creating split archives - this is useful, for example, if a mail client or a Filehosters size limitations on individual files.

IZArc can encrypt files when unpacking - to do this, the program uses the Rijandael-AES method, a considered very secure 256-bit encryption. Another useful function is the creation of so-called SFX archive that can extract with the mouse itself. Also included is a tool that can decrypt ZIP passwords. The program's interface is intuitive and can easily be operated by beginners.

Description of the version: IZArc

The current version of IZArc 4.1.6 supports now also multipart 7-ZIP archives, the same applies to the 7-ZIP LZMA2 compression method. Should you need assistance, you must press just F1 to open the corresponding dialog box. The translations have been revised, the UnRAR - and the 7-zip libraries were brought up-to-date. Several bugs of the previous version have been fixed, also folder can now easily drag & drop functionality from existing archives out unzipped to.

The advantages of IZArc 4.1.6 in the overview

• Support for multiple-part 7-ZIP archives
• Support for 7-ZIP LZMA2
• Update of the 7-ZIP and UnRAR library
• Enhanced help function via F1 button
• Revised translations
• Drag -and-drop support in the unpack of single folder

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