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IxJingleplayer 2.1 provides automatic playback of jingles, music and other files.



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With the ixJingleplayer 2.1 you can play easy and quick MP3 files, WAV, MIDI, and video files. Small program is ideal for Internet radio presenters, small jingles to play and to say so, for example, the name of the network. ixJingleplayer 2.1 contains a volume control and a fading of the jingles. Thus you can transfer the short sound sequences easily into each other. The playback position of the files is adjustable, so you can put your desired mark for the sounds. With the ixJingleplayer 2.1, you can design any number of lists for your jingles and arrange them in any order. 12 Jingle buttons provide in ixJingleplayer 2.1 for optimal playback of sounds.

With the Jingle sampler, in ixJingleplayer 2.1 you can add together multiple sound sequences, which can be played one after another without break. Use the Jingle - time - compilation also automatically at a certain time to to repeat the various sequences. The fade is applied automatically in a selectable MediaPlayer. Music streaming works in ixJingleplayer 2.1 thus as from alone: just like in the Jingle time sampler will automatically mesh gefaded pieces of music and lead without supervision. Is ixJingleplayer 2.1 also ideal for parties as automatic DJ station.

You can download the ixJingleplayer 2.1 here with us. The program is freeware, so the use is free of charge. You can by clicking on the download button to start downloading.

The most important functions of ixJingleplayer 2.1:

• Playing mp3, wave, midi, and video files.
• Adjust the volume of the jingles and take over the fading.
• Organize your jingles in playlists.
• Series together jingles them without playing pause.
• Take care of automatic thread of music without supervision.
• Entertain parties with the software as automatic DJ station.

The history of ixJingleplayer 2.1:

IxJingleplayer 2.1 by the developers of Itecnix since 2003 specifically for Internet radio programs developed. The software was further developed under the criticism of online radio stations. Several TV stations use the ixJingleplayer 2.1 since then mainly for their playback of jingles. The program is with the version 2.1 updated and evolves since no longer. Also, a special kit has been programmed by the developers, with the radio transmitter can customize the software to their own needs. In the latest version, the program offers better usability and collaboration with external media players.

Description of the version: ixJingleplayer

The innovations in the current version of ixJingleplayer make it easier for friends to the handling with the administration of radio stations on the Internet. A much easier user interface is offered now, who can boast a more structured layout. You have a way to organize the list as many jingles and also predefined songs at desired intervals. Optimized sampler function processing by streaming is now even easier.

The most important innovations in the current version of ixJingleplayer

• more descriptive user interface
• integrated sample function for greater transparency
• Downloads are now available in the JinglePult
• parallel fading in the Jingle console window

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