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iVol is a tool that allows you to adjust the volume of your computer with the mouse wheel.



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  • Updated: 26.10.2013


If you listen to music on your computer, you know the problem maybe: the music is too loud or too quiet. You can of course once the sound volume of your computer in such a situation, call to adjust the volume of your music. iVol it easier but you.

iVol is a plug-in for your mouse, that allows you to adjust the volume of your system with mouse wheel. Since the mouse wheel usually provides another useful function, namely the scrolling in documents or on Web sites, iVol volume control in two ways can be switched. iVol can activate themselves, you just click with the mouse wheel, or but hold the CTRL key while turning the mouse wheel. So, it can be avoided that scroll and volume function come in the enclosure. A special highlight: In combination with the ALT key, you can switch your sound hardware via mouse wheel. This is especially useful for people who have installed multiple sound cards in your computer.

It is more than it seems at first glance are applications for iVol. iVol is especially useful when you are at your computer, but not on your desktop. This can be for example in the music or movies see the case the activities which you hate to interrupt. You use your computer as a stereo system? IVol, you can adjust the volume of your computer almost in passing, and without having to wait that turns off the screen saver and releases the desktop. iVol is especially always then enormously useful, it must be quickly quiet. The volume can be fix, unless you need to call the window of Windows Lautstärtkeregelung only with the help of the mouse wheel.

The performance characteristics of iVol:

• Volume control via the mouse wheel
•works even without access to the desktop
• supports Windows 98 - Windows XP
• supports Mac OS X 10.3.9 and MacOS X Leopard
• particularly useful for in-game volume
• free of charge

Where you can use iVol

iVol you is a free freeware, any Windows PC with the operating systems Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP can use. According to developer page (as of 2007) Vista not running iVol unfortunately on Windows and also attempts to start the program on Windows 7, unfortunately failed. Obviously the software is currently not developed anymore. Are you using a Mac running Mac OS X Leopard or Mac OS X 10.3.9? No problem. Also available a version of software to download.

Description of the version: iVol

The new version 3.4c by iVol focuses entirely on bug fixes. Should you have had problems with the reaching of the maximum volume with earlier versions, this problem is now no longer exists. Even though it previously bothered you, that the progress bar could never reach the maximum, it will be you happy, that this bug has been fixed now.

The main bug in iVol 3.4 c

• The maximum volume can now be adjusted.
• The progress bar can reach its maximum value.
• There is also not a problem with the compatibility with Windows 2000.

iVol ivol-34c ivol

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