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To record with iuVCR videos on your PC, you need a built-in TV card or a capture card. Thus you can so many movies, shows and series record, how you want. A video-cassette has a limited capacity. This problem is solved with iuVCR. You can record as many videos as space is available on the hard disk. The recordings are saved as AVI or WMV files from automatically by the software. The size of the files does not matter more in this program. Older applications perform usually recordings of a maximum of 2 GB, but this limitation no longer exists in iuVCR. Another advantage is that the software through the Microsoft DirectShow technology does not affect the resolution of the recording.

If you want to record a video, you must program the transmitter only and the time. The iuVCR software starts recording automatically and stores them in the specified folder from. By the fact that the program works automatically, you need not monitor the recording. While recording you can see a preview but, without requiring that the process must be stopped. You can save the recording distributed on multiple files. iuVCR, streamlines the process of recording by using DirectShow filters and ensures a high quality of the films. The program has a simple interface and is easy to understand. iuVCR there but so far only in English.

You can download the iuVCR software here for free via the download function. Also at least 10 MB for program files at the disposal should be for the installation. In addition, at least a Pentium II processor is necessary. The sound card and graphics card must be DirectX compatible. iuVCR is best for Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating systems.

What has iuVCR else on it:

• Free choice of image size
• Settings are stored in the system
• Integrated Windows Scheduler
• TV channel tuning
• Supports Matroska format
• Using a remote control possible

The history of iuVCR software

The first version of iuVCR was developed in 2001. Since then, the program has been every year several times improved and extended. The developers have placed the design and the functions always up to date and also ensured that iuVCR is compatible with the latest operating systems. The latest revised version has been released in 2007.

Description of the version: iuVCR

The latest version of iuVCR mind it through various updated and added functions even easier to store TV programs on your hard drive in AVI or WMV format. In the new version you can record movies at a later time, if you itself doesn't sits at the computer. Also, the program offers you a simple interface, with which you can work easily and quickly.

The most important innovations of iuVCR in version

• Also runs on the new Windows 7
• New functions for easier operation
• Bugs and errors of the previous versions have been largely improved

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