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iTunes offers the possibility to manage music and buy; with "Ping" a network.



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The well-known music player and Media Player from Apple is not free one of the best: with iTunes, you can manage your favorite music without much effort and enjoy well sorted.

Especially iPod owners, iPhone and Tablet owners gain advantages as a result.

The core feature of iTunes is the sort of your music into customized playlists and personal archives. So you can create order and at the same time always know where to look, if you keep looking for a particular song. With the function to import the contents of audio CDs, you can collect your music, exploit, and reorganize. Is required, you can burn your own "mix" on new disk at any time. Both iPod users you can download your playlists from your computer: on the synchronization function of memory can be adjusted manually or automatically. The drag-and-drop management, no title is lost in iTunes.

If you're here looking for new and unknown music, you can be found on the "iTunes store". This is included in the freeware and offers a wide range of paid media in the AAC format. Not only music, but also clips, mini-games, and even entire movies are here. Own taste can be easily enforced: about the "genius"feature of iTunes you can analyze your content and then give recommendations. You can share this then also right with your friends via the social network 'Ping' about you can get information about music, artists and concerts. In this way you prevent Fehlkäufe and constantly develop yourself away; You can benefit from the experiences of others and know what they hear. The latest version of QuickTime is also included in the download.

The iTunes player has all of your songs, movies, and TV shows. No more CDs which batch lying around and mess. All your CDs can be easily imported into iTunes. And from there, you can distribute everything on your device.

Description of the version: iTunes

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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