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Iris Network Traffic Analyzer is an advanced monitoring tool for networks.



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Iris Network Traffic Analyzer

Concern is you the security of your network? Are you a network administrator and are responsible for everything, what is happening in your corporate network? Then you should make you maybe familiar IRIS network traffic analyzer with the monitoring software. Many network operators do not know what their employees on the network everything to do, and whether the effectiveness of the work actually reaches the desired level. With the Iris Network Traffic Analyzer, it is now possible to monitor all the activities that take place in the network, in real-time. It is no longer necessary to install decentralized, complex monitoring mechanisms. With Iris Network Traffic Analyzer, one has all the features to the hand needed to be informed of all transactions on the network at any time.

Many surveillance tool view unfortunately only cryptic bar charts or statistics, which have little meaning. Some ads are so technical that only a few can understand. IRIS network traffic Analyzer, however, works with a very vivid user interface optimized specifically for the user by Iris Network Traffic Analyzer.

Iris Network Traffic Analyzer shows you in real time what is happening just in the network. Iris Network Traffic Analyzer, you can see what your employees see on their screen.

Other features of the IRIS network traffic Analyzer:

Display • hack attempts
• Monitoring of all network packets
• Display of visited websites
• Representation of network performance
• Statistical evaluation
• Full HTML reconstruction

The developers of the IRIS network traffic Analyzer

The Iris Network Traffic Analyzer monitoring program will be developed by companies eEye. The software operates since 2003 on the market and has therefore already a long history behind it. The software can be considered mature and is already successfully used in many companies. The security of corporate networks have become so, and work efficiency could be improved. The Iris Network Traffic Analyzer is previously been marketed under the name SpyNet, known to many customers still under this name. From the Web site can a trial be downloaded, which remains in effect for 15 days. Iris Network Traffic Analyzer runs on all Windows OS such as 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7.

Description of the version: Iris Network Traffic Analyzer

The current version of the software from Iris Network Traffic Analyzer can come up with some major innovations. This program can convince you by a continuous forensics and a well balanced network performance analysis, what can be achieved through enhanced data monitoring and precise package and session reconstruction. The infrastructure of the process technology is monitored with improved standard, so that any intrusion by malicious software or performance vulnerabilities is theoretically possible.

The innovation of the latest version of Iris Network Traffic Analyzer

• optimized the performance performance analysis
• Recording of network traffic to the decryption of performance loss
• Collection of forensic information through the Iris Traffic Capture Engine

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