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If you have questions about your Apple iPhone, you should download the iPhone - PDF manual.



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iPhone - PDF-Handbuch

A Smartphone is now mandatory. And of course the Apple iPhone continues to market leader. It is known for its ease of use, but given the many features an iPhone - can't hurt sometimes PDF manual.

Now, you can download the iPhone - version 4.3 PDF manual for your Apple iPhone. This is handy, because so far the popular smartphones of the company known for their innovations by Steve Jobs came without user guide by default. You had purchased such a device and questions about a specific feature, you had to first download the official manual from Apple. But now there is the iPhone - PDF manual directly here.

The file requires 20.5 megabytes disk space and includes 311 pages. To read them, you need Adobe Reader, which is available also for free. The complete German iPhone - PDF manual is of course as a PDF file for all operating systems. Questions to an app, your Internet connection or the phone function of the iPhone? In the manual you can find easily all the answers. Of course, the iPhone is designed with its famous ease of use and its touch screen, that rarely questions arise, but close out you can't do it anyway and since it is already a great advantage that there is the iPhone - PDF manual. Eventually were sold until March 2011 more than 100 million Apple iPhones, as it may ever happen that someone at some point with the use of the device does not come on. After all, there are now more than 1.5 million iPhone owners in Germany alone. And the iPhone from the Apple known principle of multitouch functionality has prevailed even in competitive products, hardly a Smartphone is controlled differently.

Description of the version: iPhone - PDF-Handbuch

Now, you can download the new iPhone - PDF manual here for free. It is the official German manual for all Apple iPhones with software 4.3. With the 311 pages strong Handbook leave no questions to the popular smartphone. You need only 20.5 megabytes disk space on your hard drive and reader and you can immediately get started an Adobe. No matter what operating system you are using, as a PDF document can use the manual on all systems.

Features of the iPhone - PDF manual

• For all iPhones with software 4.3
• Work on all operating systems
• Free freeware for direct download
• Require a PDF reader to open
• Needs 20.5 megabytes disk space

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