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Contains 33 official wallpaper for the iOS 7 from Apple.



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iOS 7 - offizielle Wallpaper

The official wallpaper of iOS7 in a folder.

For the new iOS 7 Apple has new wallpaper. You can download it now here. As soon as iOS 7 is released, Apple delivers this wallpaper directly. If you want to wait but you have the possibility to download the new wallpaper already here.

The version contains a total of 33 new wallpaper in the ZIP archive for the home - and screen screen of your Apple device. All images are in PNG format and at the appropriate size for the 4-inch display of the iPhone and iPod touch. The resolution is located at 744 x 1.392 pixels. Who wonders about that the images are slightly curved, be said here that this effect results from the dynamic parallax effect. Movement of the phone also scroll wallpaper.

Description of the version: iOS 7 - offizielle Wallpaper

The version contains all currently known images for iOS 7.

iOS 7 Wallpaper ios-7-offizielle-wallpaper

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