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Invisible browsing offers maximum anonymity for easier operation in the Internet.



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Invisible Browsing

With invisible browsing, no one can see which pages you have visited, even if he used the computer immediately after you! By you download invisible browsing, IP address for others is no longer visible, you're so invisible in the network on the go. The track Eraser deletes all pages on which you've surfed, and the great thing here is that with invisible browsing also potentially for your PC dangerous codes such as ActiveX and JavaScript will be deleted immediately, before they can harm your computer. There are even advanced versions of invisible browsing, through which you can check such as the surfing behavior of your employees. Invisible browsing makes possible much.

The standard version of invisible browsing download, click "Download Trial" quite side, click and download your free trial version of invisible browsing down. Decide after 30 days whether you want to remain invisible surf and buy just the original version of invisible browsing for $29.95 - seconds and easy. There is of course also a support service issues to invisible browsing, simply click the "support"-button. Be anonymous on the Internet and secure your privacy on the net and protect you from identity theft in the network by hackers and spies. Continue to surf on pages of which you previously are banned due to your IP! Delete the tracks that you leave behind in the Internet.

Other functions:

• Delete browser cookies
• Anonymous IP
• Track Eraser
• Hack protection
• Support
• Protection

The invisible browsing history

Invisible browsing is designed by Amplusnet from Romania, to help both the advanced Internet users but also the less experienced to be invisible online. By selecting the automatic mode, the customer receives easy touch his privacy on the Internet while in manual mode even more advanced features such as proxy driver available. To provide continuous anonymous surfing the user, developers have created the possibility to be able to modify the automatic proxy function. In an age in the fraud with the online identity of the order of the day is, invisible browsing safe remedy. Amplusnet sees itself as a global company with a focus on protection and progress in any field; the company is also heavily represented in environmental protection.

Description of the version: Invisible Browsing

The new version of invisible browsing has been improved in several ways. Improvements in the anonymity feature ensures your unrecognized browsing in the network even better. Also, the registration process has been improved so that the registration for you is even easier. Continue to the proxy list has been expanded, and are now even more proxies to choose from any previous version. Simply select the country and start anonymous surfing.

Features of the new version 7.5 of invisible browsing

• Anonymity function was technically improved
• Registration procedure has been simplified and improved
• Proxy list has been supplemented with many premium proxy IPs
• Trial version with 30 MB of traffic available

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