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INtex bills is the most comprehensive account ledger on the software market.



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INtex Rechnungen

INtex bills is the perfect software for you, if you're looking for a comprehensive solution for your invoice input reservations. INtex bills is the ideal partner for all businesspeople who want to keep track of their bills. You will never need to rummage in your emails, your papers or your folder if you manage your incoming invoices with INtex invoices. You can collect as many vendors as you like. Sort your invoices by many different criteria such as the urgency of the payment, the discount er, the amount of the invoice, the established payment and many other criteria. You will want to be certainly impressed by the functionality of the software and no longer miss them in your daily work.

If you don't feel like it, needless to pay overdue fines, you shouldn't do monitor the maturity of your invoices invoices by INtex. The Bills that matured today are displayed automatically, so that you forget in any case an invoice. Overdue bills can be highlighted, or you can see all at all invoices invoices INtex.

So that you always have sufficient liquidity, INtex can invoices indicate which invoices will be due for example in next month. INtex the total height of the amounts then invoices dir displays.

Other features of INtex invoices:

• Document storage with integrated preview function
• Built-in reminders calendar
• Formula calculator for discounts and other deductions
• External data acquisition via HTML or mobile devices
• Export for transmission to online banking or accounting
• Linking to current exchange rates on the Internet

The developers of INtex invoices

INtex invoices will be developed by INtex publishing and distributed. The company operates since 1994 on the market and has great skills due to its long tradition and experience in the field of business software. INtex publishing is committed to not only with INtex bills professional, flexible, and open software. The company offers also many more software applications invoices INtex - about property management, inventory management, accounting, for the logbook, the travel expenses, the contact and address data management, as well as the cash book. Database solutions that both Mac OS X and Windows are compatible and can be connected to many mobile devices are offered.

Description of the version: INtex Rechnungen

The current version of INtex bills brings you a new multiplatform license. A new unlock code will use on Mac OX X, Windows or iOS on your iPAD with FileMaker GO possible. This allows easy porting of the database between different operating systems. The Business Pack license you can also INtex bills on up to 5 devices operate parallel.

Current features of version 9.2 of INtex invoices

• new multi-platform license
• Support for the iPAD with FileMaker go
• trouble-free transmission of data bank on different systems
• Business Pack license for use in parallel on 5 systems

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