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The INtex reliably covers all areas of the House Administration house management WIN.



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INtex Hausverwaltung Win

You can manage houses or apartments for rent privately or professionally? The INtex Hausverwaltung WIN is a software that you can use for the billing of operating and heating costs. You may have House Administration only a workplace or for the entire network of your teams unlock INtex WIN. This has the advantage that local staff with a USB stick for example can always have current data. With INtex you expect from House Administration WIN the costs for rental, residential communities, or warehouses. Therefore you can find property management WIN at the INtex different modules such as partner, real estate, accounting objects, currency, bookings, contacts and more information. In the individual modules of the INtex see House Administration WIN the various terms simply everything you need for your property management. Long search no longer required after the right information easy. Here are some examples: print form letters, print assessment after consumption, owner settlement, deposit account, insurance, memos, address lists standard texts or data sheets. These functions are refined again, so caretaking WIN well come along with the latest version of INtex.

You have no time, long with the incorporation in a new program like the INtex Hausverwaltung WIN to stop you? Especially quickly, you want to create an account? How's that? The software to a quick start offers you to: address capture, object type, record units, perform the booking of the recoverable costs, payroll print - ready. And already you've made your first steps with the Hausverwaltungs software INtex Hausverwaltung WIN.

House Administration WIN you will receive the software INtex here as free demo version – so you can test all functions in peace and thoroughly get to know the program of INtex Hausverwaltung WIN. Just click on the button, press the right mouse button and choose from the menu a command such as "Save target".

INtex Hausverwaltung WIN features:

• free download
• Download additional information such as the user manual
• for those in a hurry: the quick entry
• new free mode: install on up to 5 computers, computer change possible
• clear designation of the terms in the function overviews
• suitable also for individuals

The INtex Hausverwaltung WIN history

The software INtex publishing, which is headquartered in Eitorf is the core product of the company. It provides database solutions since 1994 for professional and commercial use.

Description of the version: INtex Hausverwaltung Win

Many new options available that make even easier the managing of real estate are with version 9.3 of the INtex property management software for Windows. Some changes made in the future easier by travelling on the data you need to access back, so the program can more easily be read by the iPad and other mobile devices. In addition the software up to date is, brought concerning case-law in terms of rental.

INtex Hausverwaltung win version 9.3 in the overview

• Makes accounting much easier.
• Reserves in the way accounts up to date.
• Higher iPad compatibility.
• Data protection against deletion and modification.

programm INtex Hausverwaltung Win intex hausverwaltung hausverwaltung-vx intex-hausverwaltung-win

Screenshots: INtex Hausverwaltung Win

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