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Internet Explorer is the browser from Microsoft.



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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer comes with an auto update feature, which he can be powered with Microsoft's monthly Patch Tuesday updates.

The Web browser takes over many tasks that we need for learning, searching, communicating, or shopping on the Internet. One of the most important tasks of the Internet Explorer is to provide absolute security when surfing, to guard against sophisticated online attacks. Internet Explorer is for Windows-based PCs of the only browser of that makes safe without additional software or even add-ins all online actions.

Thanks to the use of Internet Explorer, your computer against current and future attacks is well protected. Therefore perform the download on the Internet Explorer to be up to date and to know your personal information thanks to Internet Explorer protected.

Important, enhanced security features of Internet Explorer are the cross-site scripting filter, the SmartScreen filter and also the InPrivate filtering. The latter allows for online use, without that history, temporary files, cookies, pass guard and user name is stored. Thus, Internet Explorer allows the protection of personal data for computer, on which several people have access or are public. A good protection, so if you live in a flat, is only one computer for all to use available. Thus none of your roommate can inspect your personal data and you have no insight in their data. This protects you, but also your roommate. Internet Explorer is an important package of security - and that you also completely free of charge. You can very simply here to download Internet Explorer and install.

Other features of the Internet Explorer:

• Top entertainment with my video
• Light display older websites.
• Free dictionary for translations - the free dictionary
• Personalization of Internet Explorer 8 with many Add-Ons
• Free news of the New York Times
• Protection against any attacks

The emergence of Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer, and hence the Internet Explorer, was from the first hours of Web browser, NCSA Mosaic developed the, so much like the Netscape Navigator. The original programming was carried out at the National Center for Supercomputing applictions. The first version was developed by means of a licensing contract with the company of Spyglass. A percent of revenue, as well as a quarter-way fee to be paid went to Sypglass. The current version of Internet Explorer 9 was released to 15.03.2011.

Description of the version: Internet Explorer

General bug fixes.

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