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With inSSIDer program you'll find most anywhere in the optimum Wi-Fi network for your computer.



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With your laptop or notebook, you can surf anywhere on the Internet. The basis for this is the Wi-Fi. This is, as you certainly know, to a local wireless network. However, the strength of the signals is very different. You can analyze quickly all Wi-Fi networks that exist in your environment, with inSSIDer.

With the program of inSSIDer, it is easy to check the available Wi-Fi networks in your reception area for you. Here, including the strength and the security settings are tested. Another advantage, inSSIDer gives you is that you can find errors in your own network.

The handling of inSIDDer is quite simple. First, you select the appropriate interface from the drop-down menu. If you have a laptop, it is usually the wireless card. But watch that has this not connected to a WAP. After that, you have to select the channel. You can select between 2.4 and 5 GHz. A click on the button "Start scanner", and here we go. The tool is active, different information will be displayed. For any active network all essential information shows inSSIDer. As you can see on the left side of the timeline and right the active radio channels. With the drop-down menu, you select the appropriate adapter in the next step. In the settings menu, you can choose between General and GPS. As default you will find automatically in General, that inactive networks will be deleted after five minutes, the scan rate of one second is for the driver mode. You can change this. Another advantage for you is that the WiFi scanner supported include GPS. The so-called routes data can be exported. The program helps the card formats NS1 and KML.

Problems with your Wi-Fi network are in the future of the past. The inSSIDer gives you a perfect tool to check. Through the optical processing of the scanned date, you can see at a glance how many networks on that channel are active. So, you have the opportunity to set your Wi-Fi on a channel which is not so busy. You can then avoid an overlay of radio waves, the so-called interference.

Description of the version: inSSIDer

The inSDIDer program offers you optimise your wireless radio connection. No matter where you are, the program scans your environment and shows you the strength and security of wireless networks. On the screen you can find graphically in this version, how many networks on the respective channel is active. So you can avoid one, which is not so burdened. You're going to interference so easily. If your Wi-Fi is too slow, you have the opportunity to go on troubleshooting. The download is free.

Information and information about the current version inSIDDer

• Scans radio networks in your area
• Graphically represents the found networks you
• BB´s is used to optimize your Wi-Fi
• Requires Microsoft.NET Framework in version 2
• Author: MetaGeek
• Storage: 2MByte

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