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With Inpaint standalone the user of the software, it is possible to achieve great results.



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Unwanted objects in your photo, like for example texts, people randomly in the image, or disturbing power poles in the background? Then, you can quickly and easily filter them with Inpaint standalone and eliminate. Standalone Inpaint reconstructs the behind the area according to the selected object. Thereby, Inpaint standalone explores the adjacent environment. Linked Inpaint standalone this environment sent to the place of the delete object, then using them then there.

With the Inpaint you can make program important reconstruction work on your photos and images for you. You discover unexpected items that should deface an otherwise nice image, you can use Inpaint standalone, simply remove them from the screen. To do this, you need to mark the subject using the rectangle or polygon tool. Then, you start the process of reconstruction of the Inpaint program. The marked surface paints Inpaint then pixels from the immediate vicinity of the selected object. Inpaint standalone suitable very well when it comes to the retouching of logos, graffiti, texts or power cables.

You can download free of charge the Inpaint standalone software. The relevant license conditions of the manufacturer apply for use of the program. Download Inpaint standalone here quite simple and straightforward. Click on the download button specified and Inpaint standalone will be friends with your photo reconstruction work a valuable help.

Many immediately applicable functions for Inpaint standalone program

• Cut out objects
• Retouch photos
• Zoom and undo function
• Plug ins for Photoshop
• Automatic reconstruction
• Polygon, and rectangle tool

Working with the Inpaint standalone software

The minimum requirements are a computer needed to use Inpaint standalone, according to manufacturer's instructions: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, or Windows Vista. Another advantage of the program is that not only advanced computer users, but also those who do not have extensive PC experience, cope with the program, because it has an intuitive user menu. Therefore, it is not necessary to read a hard-to-understand instructions for hours, you can start right after the program is installed with the practical application.

Description of the version: Inpaint

Inpaint was completely revised in the new version. In addition to the new user interface that makes easier and more comfortable operation friends, was also the actual Inpaint algorithm works over and optimizes the entire program. Now you can more easily edit your images and remove unwanted objects, watermark, or other information from the image. The area of the cut-out object is merged this algorithm intelligently about the Inpaint with the background.

New features of the current version 3.0 of Inpaint

• Image editing software for removing objects
• complete new user interface
• revised Inpaint algorithm
• Whole-program optimization
• available in 6 languages

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