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Inkscape is a free alternative to expensive vector graphics programs of from well-known manufacturers.



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Inkscape is a vector graphics editor that is very good, free.

In the sector of vector graphics, one hears again big names who charge big prices for their software. The free open-source software Inkscape now offers a real alternative to the classics.

If you would like to work with vector graphics, or need to, then you know certainly the major manufacturers of appropriate software for such graphics work. Software of major manufacturers is very powerful, but also very expensive, for private use at home is usually even too expensive. If you want to home but still edit vector graphics, Inkscape, the ideal alternative for you could be. Inkscape is a free open-source software, dedicated entirely to the "Large" can be measured.

You can easily import your EPS, PostScript, JPG, PNG, BMP, or TIF pictures and edit with Inkscape. Export you can then your work in popular vector formats, such as, for example, PNG. All graphics created using Inkscape with competing software of the major manufacturers are so open. Also in the area of facilities can be the software quite sehenlassen. Helpful tools such as shapes, paths, texts, marks, clones, transparency, gradients, patterns or groups not be missing. Even professional tools, such as node editing, or the Creative Commons metadata support are housed in Inkscape. You can master just complex path operations, such as Bitmaptracing, texts or the direct XML editing create path-bound texts, object umfliessender.

You can directly download Inkscape, 33 MB, this is done quickly. You can insert without a problem the freeware on all popular versions of Windows, starting with Windows 98.

Description of the version: Inkscape

Many new features and tools available are in the current version of 048.1-2. With their help you now easily create professional vector graphics to process existing graphics or to refine succeeds. In addition, the new version of Inkscape uses the SVG file format standardized by the W3C. With this format, you can easily open your created files with all common vector graphics programs and continue working. Also absolute precision supports XML and CSS.

The main features of the current version:

• Real alternative to well-known manufacturers of vector graphics program
• Meets the W3C standards
• Numerous professional tools including
• Controlled XML, SVG and CSS
• Free download, because open source software

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