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Inksaver 2.0 you need up to 75% less ink and have less to buy a cartridge



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Once installed, the output of color automatically regulates the Inksaver 2.0. With the optimal setting to significantly extend the useful life of a color cartridge and save so much money. It uses the printer thanks to Inksaver 2.0 not too much color, but maintains the quality of the pressure. The program, which is available in shareware has become quickly paid, if you need to buy a new cartridge just once in the year.

Inksaver 2.0 program forms an interface between your printer driver and the printer. The printing process starts normally and thereby Inksaver 2.0 automatically optimizes the ink usage of the printer. And yet the pressure no longer takes, and the quality of the print is perfect. Once adjusted values for optimal printing of letters, graphics or photos are retained. The economy mode can it be adjusted. If you want, that only 50% of the amount of paint for a print being used, you can set exactly this 2.0 in the Inksaver\r.

You can save 25% of the amount of ink when printing photos. You can calculate exactly how much money you save by using program of Inksaver 2.0 a. Enter the price of your ink cartridge or cartridge and view how much money you can save with the respective ink savings. The program of Inksaver 2.0 can be used for all types of printers. Also the use of refills Inksaver 2.0 can help ink, and make money, considerably, to save. The advantage of Inksaver\r evident when you compare the program with the design mode of the printer. Here you will see little difference to a professional print. And less ink than your printer in draft mode requires the Inksaver 2.0 for high quality.

The services of Inksaver 2.0 at a glance:

• Ink savings up to 75%
• Optimized print quality
• For all common printers can be used
• Calculation of the savings over buying new
• Better quality as the design mode when the printer
• No interference with the printing speed

The printing process with Inksaver 2.0:

The printing is started as usual, the printer driver sends the print job to the printer. Intermediate Inksaver 2.0 opens the file and examine the print job. This lasts only a short time and delayed the printing in any way. Then, the print job is passed to the printer, then optimally performing the pressure with the reduced amount of ink.

Description of the version: Inksaver

With Inksaver 2.0 you can save money, because he markedly improved the ink of your printer. The new version is characterized primarily by that it is applicable for printer of many brands. The software in addition to printers from HP, Canon and Epson for all popular devices, such as Lexmark is in contrast to the older version. Only printer for A3 format are excluded.

The most important innovations in the Inksaver\r 2.0

• Control and optimization of the printer driver through a special algorithm
• Saving on printing costs
• Quick and easy installation
• Compatible with most popular printers

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