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Inca ball is a fun game that requires speed and combination gift.



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Inca Ball

Inca ball takes you into a maze, that reminds of old temples of the Inca. The two-dimensional graphic design of Inca ball is quite appealing. If you start the Inca ball, moves a snake out of colored balls through the corridors of the labyrinth. Your character is a mystical reptile, which has a movable cannon. The cannon ball will change color after each launch. You have to try to shoot out at least three same-colored balls from the snake. When you press the right mouse button, you can change the color of the Cannonball. This option suits you but only twice per launch available. Once you have made three same-colored balls in the snake, they burst and the snake will be shorter. Level to successfully finish ball, Inca, you have to destroy all the balls before the snake has reached the exit.

Inca ball provides you with quite a challenge. Namely, it not remains with a snake. Once you've destroyed some balls in line with your character, a more snake moves up. Inca ball so requires a certain game speed. This also means that you have to skillfully combine to Inca ball to play successfully. Sometimes bullets in line are specially marked. You Flash or light up. This means that the game can provide here so-called power-ups for you, that you facilitate your task. You can increase your firepower, stop the snake for a few seconds backwards run or convert multiple balls in the same color.

Inca ball is a fun game for work breaks. On the Internet you are there different platforms on which dir Inca ball can download to test. The length of the game is here limited to 60 minutes. If you want to install the game in the full version on your computer, you must purchase the game. To install the trial version, press on the button "Download". The installation is fast, and you can play for an hour Inca ball, before you decide to buy the game.

Features of Inca ball

• 60 Minutes free to test
• The purchase of the game is online
• 60 different game levels
• Two-dimensional graphics
• Different power-ups
• Easy installation

System requirements and download

Inca ball is optimized for Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Vista operating systems. The 60minütigen trial version download size is 17 megabytes. After the free hour of play, you will be prompted to buy the game. A wizard will guide you through the purchase process. Once you have received your unlock code, the game without further time limit available suits you.

Description of the version: Inca Ball

60 Level on the way to the destination must be handled ball at Inca friends. Shoot colored balls into a snake moving from other balls to do this as quickly as possible. Several balls of the same color are next to each other, they disappear from the game field. While a variety of bonuses can be conquered. All balls are gone, it continues to the next level. A gold treasure of the Incas is waiting for you at the end.

The most important functions of the game at a glance

• 15 "Power-ups" to improve skills
• 60 Game levels on the way to the destination
• Earn money and buy artifacts
• at any time can be saved and played on
• unlimited and unrestricted

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