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The ImTranslator for Firefox will help you at any time if you're browsing international Web-portal.



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ImTranslator für Firefox

ImTranslator for Firefox is a newly developed extension program that simplifies the use of the Webbrowers international Web pages. Passages can be translated simply and quickly, so that you can use the Internet without language barriers.

The ImTranslator for Firefox is a translation tool that was developed exclusively for the extension of the Web browser Firefox and at any time during Internet research helpful to can assist you. The plug-in can be install easily and in just a few steps and controlled directly without additional settings of Firefox out. You encounter foreign-language pages, while Internet surfing you can mark the appropriate lines of text with the mouse, and the ImTranslator Firefox automatically translates the section for you. In addition to the translation tool, the ImTranslator can encode other alphabets or reproduce texts in phonetic transcription. If you have difficulties with the transcription, using the text-to-speech tool of the program and let you read the text aloud. You can also learn new vocabulary and understanding of English grammar with ImTranslator for Firefox.

The operation of the program is controlled by Firefox, and it can be used separately, because an Internet connection is required for the application. The menu is self-explanatory, and just a few mouse clicks are required to be connected with Firefox. Once installed, it can be applied to all Web pages. The translated text appears on the page of the screen. In total, you can use over 1,640 different language combinations. In the input field of the Web browser, a spelling correction is performed automatically. Also you can as a user manually typing texts and correct them by ImTranslator and translate.

An Internet connection is provided for unrestricted use of ImTranslator for Firefox. The PC operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 are recommended.

Description of the version: ImTranslator für Firefox

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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